At Mares Real Peruvian Cuisine, ceviches land on the table like a work of art.

Mares Real Peruvian Cuisine offers a unique dining experience. 360 view

When we think about Peruvian food, it becomes essential to find a fresh space where the aroma, flavor, and interior design come together so that each bite captivates the palate and emotions. The cuisine of Mares Real Peruvian Cuisine offers a unique gastronomic experience. This is one of the trend-setting Peruvian restaurants in Orlando, as each dish is prepared using traditional techniques and ingredients imported directly from Peru to create a final product that can satisfy any Peruvian craving. All their dishes have a flavor that will leave you with a happy heart and stomach.

Peruvian cuisine is as colorful and varied as its people and the country’s culture. Known as the food of the gods, its recipes date back thousands of years, with influences from Spanish, African, and Asian cultures. From traditional ceviche to exotic Causas, Mares cuisine is a sensory feast.

In this edition, we had the opportunity to meet the founder, Arturo Gamio, who explains how he turned Mares Real Cocina Peruana into ambassadors of Peruvian cuisine in our community.

Gabriel with Arturo Gamio

From Peru to Orlando

Arturo Gamio first opened the doors of Mares Real Peruvian Cuisine in Hunter’s Creek four years ago. Bright, vibrant, and blue-delicious, Mares looks to create more waves in the near future. With this anticipated growth, more people will be able to sample traditional Peruvian cuisine as well as the vibrant culture that Mares offers its guests.

It is already known that Peruvian food is so popular all over the world that it has been declared an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. Obviously, this recognition reflects not only its deliciousness but also its unique ingredients, cooking techniques, and cultural values.

The charming restaurant is known for making diners feel at home and serving ceviche that keeps them coming back for more.

Mares Real Peruvian Restaurant 360 view

What makes Mares Real Peruvian Cuisine different from other Peruvian restaurants?

“Our history is based on the effort and tradition of the original recipes of our valuable Peruvian cuisine. Mares Real Cocina Peruana offers a unique gastronomic experience. It is 100% real. It is more than a restaurant; it is a home, and we demonstrate that in the warmth of our attention in each visit to this house and in the details of each dish.”

About the Menu of Mares Real Peruvian Cuisine:

All the flavors of the house are present in Mare’s dishes. In fact, Arturo Gamio has made sure to choose only top-quality products imported directly from Peru.

Arturo, tell us a little about the restaurant’s menu:

We  prepare each dish with the utmost care and precision, using the best available ingredients, so that even the most demanding palates can enjoy it. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional dishes or something more exotic, Mares has something for everyone. We offer a wide menu and a variety of dishes for all tastes.”

As Arturo explains in a few words:

“We are here to create a delicious experience.”

As for flavors, Mares Real Peruvian Cuisine maintains the flavor of the sea with distinctive touches that make it addictive.

What are the must-try dishes? Immers3d Magazine will recommend the Ceviches in their different modalities, the Octopus, either on the Grill or the Anticuchero, the Seafood Combinations (Ceviche, Seafood Rice, Causa, Peruvian mixed seafood fry)… And for meat lovers, the Lomo Saltado with filet mignon, grilled steak, and the Criollo combo (Aji de Gallina, Arroz con pollo, Anticuchos, and Papa Huancaina) are the favorite dishes, but in general, the gastronomic offer offered by Mares is very wide and delicious. Also, this is one of the few Peruvian restaurants in Orlando that is open for breakfast on the weekends.

Cooking recipes are generally passed down from generation to generation at the family level, but what does it mean to Arturo when he says the word “Real Cuisine”?

Well, to me, “real” means “genuine” and “authentic.” Mares Real Peruvian Cuisine is dedicated to authenticity and quality. My father, who inspired me to pursue a culinary career, taught me the importance of valuing and preserving authentic Peruvian cuisine. Today I value more what Peru represents.”

How does it feel to transcend this tradition with all its endless new creations?

I love culinary fusions, and I always try to generate new concepts. Our menu is a compilation of beautiful experiences collected over many years of culinary experience and excellent service. It is a summary of what gastronomy means in the lives of all Peruvians, from their early years with the deepest and most beautiful memories of family, friends, and the place where we come from,”

The star of Peruvian cuisine is undoubtedly ceviche. a dish made with fresh raw fish served in citrus juice.

Mares Real Peruvian Cuisine Ceviche

How is ceviche prepared at Mares Real Peruvian Cuisine?

At Mares, our ceviche is as authentic as it gets. The fish is of the highest quality and is combined with traditional ingredients such as purple onion, chili, and lemon juice. It is usually prepared and served instantly so that the fish does not overcook with the lemon juice.”

We tried it, and truly, it is light and absolutely delicious. One piece of advice: always leave room for dessert; their menu is exquisite!

The Mares Real Peruvian Cuisine team

Arturo and his team strive to provide a unique and unforgettable experience through authentic Peruvian cuisine. He tries to make sure everyone is trained and that the team is professional and supportive.

At Mares, we offer an exclusive service with first-class care and extraordinary hospitality. I am very proud of our team, because for me, there could be no other words that better describes our nature than ‘In this restaurant, there is love.

The truth is that it shows when you come to Mares; you can see that everyone is in a good mood. And it is true that when you are served by a happy team, it shows in the service.

 The atmosphere at Mares is truly special.

Undoubtedly, Arturo Gamio and especially his team make sure to create a pleasant atmosphere. From the colors to the décor and the hand-painted banana leaf wall, blue plays an important role in setting the right mood. There is no doubt that when you enter, you will feel like you are in a little corner in the heart of Peru.

The objective of Mares Real Cocina Peruana is to provide the true flavor of Peru. Bring a culinary experience through its excellent and diverse gastronomy. As ambassadors of Peruvian gastronomy in Orlando, Mares’ cuisine is already distinguished by its exquisite flavors and textures.

“Today we can say that we have a restaurant that will receive you with love and will take you to those beautiful moments of your life with a single aroma or a single seasoning. Buen apetito y bienvenidos!”

If you’re looking for a true taste of Peruvian cuisine in Orlando, look no further than Mares Real Peruvian Cuisine. With nothing more than premium ingredients and a commitment to creating traditional dishes, Mares Real Peruvian Cuisine is the best for those looking to try authentic Peruvian cuisine in the Orlando area.

Mares Peruvian Restaurant – What is fresh from Mares, Tastes better in Mares

Mares is a restaurant that offers a culinary and cultural experience through Peruvian gastronomy.







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