Immers3d Magazine takes a bite out of The Fat One’s Food truck Hot Dogs. Are they any good?

Immers3d Magazine reviews The Fat One’s food truck famous Hot Dogs.

When we were at the Jazz concert waiting to start, suddenly people began walking around with pizza and hot dogs that looked super yummy.

We had a sudden hunger attack so went on an adventure for food.- There were 4 food trucks at Casselberry’s Sunset Jazz & Art Festival and a line of almost 10 people ahead of us.  I think we got up on time because more and more people were coming.

One of them happened be Fat One’s which is what we picked because their hot dogs looked good.

Curiously, Estefano tells me, ” it seems to me that this food truck belongs to someone I know”.

When I take a good look at the logo and the face that appears, of course I recognized it immediately.

It was Joey Fatone, the NSYNC singer who had also attended Dr. Phillips High School the same year as Kim Price and I. In 1995 we graduated from the school where Joey was already singing in the school’s musical group with the also famous Luis Fonsi. But, that’s another story for another day.

Joey Fatone’s , hilariously called Fat Ones (a play on his last name and reputation for being the “fat one” in NSYNC) has a foodtruck and I had no idea.

We had to try them!

Fat One's FoodTruck
Fat One’s FoodTruck

Savoring “The Fat One’s”

If you’re looking for a great hot dog in Orlando, you need to check out the Fat One’s Food truck.

They serve up some of the best dogs around, and I had the chance to try them out at a recent Jazz concert.

Let me tell you, they did not disappoint us! The sausage was delicious and cooked perfectly, and the toppings were fresh and flavorful. If you’re ever near one of their trucks, be sure to stop by for a bite! You won’t regret it.

We ordered two hot dogs from Fat One’s  that we already wanted to eat.

The Fat One’s Review

I ordered “The Fat One” hot dog which is supposed to be what it’s famous for and hit the spot. I’ve been to  New York many times, and I know what it’s like to have a hot dog loaded with everything. The food was good, we also got some chili cheese fries and they were on point.

Service: First things first. . The staff was exceptionally friendly and conscientious. Bravo to who made your hiring!

Delicious food! The fries were unexpectedly amazing!


The food was good, and the portion was quite generous. It was a sausage topped with pulled pork in barbecue sauce and cole slaw as well. Although everything was exquisite, I prefer the flavor of Yellow Big Dog when it comes to Pulled Pork.

I especially like that they grill the hot dog on a top weighted griddle to create a nice caramelized char. My seasoned fries were so hot that I had to wait to eat them.

The price is a reflection of the foodtruck and the circumstances so yes, it is a bit higher. I paid  around $25.00 for our combos but I have no complaints.

Foodtruck prices are not as cheap as people think however I only had a heavily dressed dog with fries and a drink and couldn’t finish it. And I am able to eat a lot.

From time to time the topic of their delicious hot dogs has come up because we like to get creative at home when we make hot dogs. We have tried some of their hot dog combinations on our own, but unfortunately. . . (pause for dramatic effect). . . it just wasn’t the same.

The Fat One’s is closed at the Florida Mall location but you can follow the Foodtruck.

If you are curious to see what else they have on their menu here is a list from their website if you want to order online.


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