City of Casselberry’s Sunset Jazz & Art Festival.

Saturday, Sept. 25, at Lake Concord Park.

Immers3d Magazine, was at the City of Casselberry’s Sunset Jazz & Art Festival.

There are not many things better than being out on a warm summer night listening to two talented artists play music for you right there in front of you! This performance was an excellent way to end summer!

It’s been so long since we went to a jazz concert outside that you realize how much we need to be in human warmth again. All sharing a beautiful afternoon under a shower of stars and the sweet melody of two tremendous saxophonists.

At the Casselberry’s Sunset Jazz & Art Festival nobody cares if you are vaccinated or not, if you are from here or not. All together we share the same universal vibration again: music.

The Casselberry festival had live music, food trucks, and outdoor art exhibits

For such an event, I brought Estefano Cicci to accompany me. Estefano played for the Dr. Phillips High School band the Saxophone for 4 years and won awards and Grands for his performance.  So I knew that, to advise me on music with him, I was in good hands.

We started the afternoon at 6pm so parking was no problem and we found a good space where we put our little picnic.

Local singer Singer / Song Writer Matt Shenk was playing on stage.

It sounded good and the afternoon lent itself to giving us good weather.

The Jazz concert began.

When the concert started we were already sitting with our mouths full. Little by little it was getting dark and more and more people arrived at Casselberry’s Sunset Jazz & Art Festival . When I came to realize it, we were already around six hundred people enjoying the beginning of the show with Michael Lington. 

By the way, very nice artist, super friendly to his audience. Told us a little about himself and that he was raised in Copenhague, Denmark and just became a dad recently, at age 52. He made us feel comfortable, and told us how much he missed playing for the audience outside.

As the show was performing, Estefano took the time to explain to me the difference between an Alto Sax and a Soprano Sax. The Alto Sax has a deeper tone, while the Soprano Sax is higher pitched. Alto sax commonly exists in jazz bands and wind ensembles, whereas the soprano sax is only occasionally brought out for solos.

The ambiance was perfect with just enough light to see all that went on. It wasn’t until Paul Taylor really blew away the audience with his soprano sax solo, that it became clear how romantic the night was going to be.

The two sax players played a variety of tunes from around the world Casselberry’s Sunset Jazz & Art Festival.

They started off by playing some mellow tunes before they got up from their seats with an upbeat tempo that had everyone tapping their feet to the beat. A great night for a great cause!

The event at Casselberry’s Sunset Jazz & Art Festival was filled with eclectic music that interested all age groups and background. Our favorite part? Seeing so many families out enjoying themselves!!!

Venessa standing next to the stage.

Michael Lington and Paul Taylor played sax in front of a live audience for about 2 hours, giving some new songs a try while also playing popular favorites like “Back-Street” by Gerry Gafferty.

The performance on stage was electric and captivating! The musicians were energetic, with influences from many genres of music like jazz, funk or R&B.

There were also some great moments between performers which made the show really enjoyable for everyone.

I’m thinking specifically about when Paul Taylor came down to public and played around the campers right there next to them (just imagine you seating there and Paul playing his kick ass Soprano sax for you!).

This is what makes this kindof thing so much fun: seeing how different artists can mesh together while they perform their art.

The Sunset Jazz and Art Festival was a great way to spend an evening with family and friends.

As we head into Fall, there is no better time than now to support the arts in your city.

Whether you’re looking for something new or just want to enjoy some live music, this event will be perfect for you! We hope that all of our readers had as wonderful of an experience at Lake Concord Park on Saturday night as we did.

Make sure not to miss out next year by following Casselberry Arts Council on Facebook so you can keep up-to-date with what they have planned!

While we were at the concert there were foodtrucks. Check out what our Fat One’s review here!


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