Immersing into the new Sand Lake Food Truck Park!

Come with us as we explore the new sand lake food truck park in Orlando and check out all the delicious food options!

Immers3d Magazine was at the opening this weekend at the new Sand Lake Food truck Park.

Do you love food trucks?

If so, then you’ll want to check out the new Sand Lake Food Truck. This park is serving up some of the best food in Orlando, and it’s definitely worth a visit. The menu features all your favorite foods, from tacos to burritos to burgers. So whatever you’re in the mood for, you can find it at the Sand Lake Food Truck Park. Plus, the prices are unbeatable; you can get a delicious meal for under $10.00. So if you’re looking for a great food experience, be sure to check out the Sand Lake Food Truck Park!

Did you know Orlando features the most food trucks per capita? With over 200 trucks in operation, it is probably the largest of any city in Florida.

Food trucks are currently an established institution in the United States, with annual sales of over $500 million.

They serve as a platform for the most prominent chefs from around the world in the country’s most major festivals, such as San Francisco, NYC, or Chicago.

In addition to transporting all types of food to any region of the city, they are also triumphing in Canada, Mexico and, increasingly, in Europe.

The good news is that in Orlando, we already have over 200 food trucks and we hope there will be more and more!

The best of Food Trucks? Well, they fit in with any type of gastronomic offer, whatever it may be. Burgers, Oriental, Mexican, crepes, sweets and, of course, Venezuelan cuisine. In addition, all this with that gourmet and quality touch that characterizes them.

We are starting to get hungry, please!

There’s a new food truck park in town, and it’s packing some serious heat.

With everything from tacos to BBQ, there’s something for everyone at Sand Lake Food Truck Park. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the park and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

Sand Lake Food Truck park features 30-food trucks of different varieties of food.

The Sand Lake Food Truck Park is home to some of Orlando’s hottest eateries on four wheels. If you’re looking for a delicious way to spend an afternoon, this is the place for you.

Dishes from Venezuela are very popular, Colombia, France, Puerto Rico and more, whatever you fancy, they will have it. As we went around the perfectly organized park, trying to decide what to eat. What to eat became a tough decision.

It was six in the afternoon and 90 degrees outside! Honestly, the weather was perfect for a Pina Colada. Unfortunately, they don’t serve cocktails at the park.  No biggie, we came to eat and enjoy great live music right?

The Right Spot.

Franklin the owner of Sand Lake Food Truck came to say hello really quick. Everything is ready for tonight! He couldn’t talk much because he had to go get ready for the ceremony. From what we know, Franklin started with a food truck back in Texas. He told us, business was great to the point he owned 5 trucks at once. When he moved to Florida, Franklin saw that “spot”. The perfect “spot”  right in front of the future site of Universal ‘s Epic Universe! (“gold mine location” if you ask me!) So the project began and within a few months while waiting for the city permits to proceed, the list grew and grew. Now the site welcomes 30 trucks so far. The owner doesn’t want this park to get out of hand, so as far as we know, ther will be no more expanding or  space available.

In Love with Cachapa at first bite!!

With all the different options available onboard food trucks at the Sand Lake Food truck Park, sometimes you just need to simplify, go back to basics, and grab a classic Cachapa. No fanciness. No insanity. Just a good old Cachapa at Aca’s.

Cachapas are a typical corn-based Venezuelan and Colombian dish. They are popular at the park, just like arepas. A Cachapa is like fresh corn dough pancakes.  It is a combination of fresh ground corn and thick batter and Venezuelans like to cook it on a budare. At Aca’s they prepare it with “Queso de Mano” from Venezuela, topped with Mayo and grilled chicken on the side.

Is there anything more comforting than a big, warm dish of your favorite food? For Venezuelans, that food is cachapa. This delicious corn pancake is made with fresh ingredients and can be enjoyed at any time of day. If you’re looking for an authentic Venezuelan experience, be sure to try cachapa while you’re in Sand Lake food truck Park!

Sand Lake Food truck Park offers Burgers, Arepas, Chimis, Choripapas etc…

When it comes to finding good food in Orlando, locals know that you don’t have to look very hard.

In fact, some of the best eats can be found right in your own backyard – in one of the city’s many food truck parks!

If you’re looking for something different, however, or if you’re just visiting and want to try something new, then a visit to one of Orlando’s food truck parks is definitely in order.

You’ll find all sorts of delicious eats here, from tacos and burritos to pizza and barbecue.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and head on over to your favorite Dand Lake food truck park for a taste of real Orlando cuisine!

We encountered many food trucks that provides some of the tastiest, most vibrant sandwiches in Florida.  From traditional Pan con Chicharron to the extravagant (for lack of a better word) Salchiburguer, which tops its burger patty with hot dogs, potato sticks, fried egg, golf dressing… OMG, so delicious!  Now, if you change your mind, just can also order a fancy Burgers, Arepa, Chimi, Choripapa etc… Among the other food trucks.

What we like the most is that, more and more, these trucks are also used to give that vintage air to any type of event, not necessarily gastronomic, such as brand presentations, advertising, DJs on wheels, sell your artisan product at fairs… They have many options!

So, from Immers3d Magazine, we encourage you not to be left out of this great move and take advantage of your product, your illusion, your project and take it where you want … But on wheels!

Happy day,  IMMERS3D friends!

Find Sand Lake Food Truck Park on Maps!!

3D tour coming up soon!!!

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