“Yellow Dog Eats” Immers3d Food Review

Nachos: Pulled pork, black beans, melted queso, salsa, Thai chili, cilantro sour cream, gold sauce, cherry peppers, pickles onions, and scallions.

“What is this place?” Gabriel asked, his voice filled with awe. He was sitting on the second floor of Yellow Dog Eats and had just taken a bite out of his pulled pork nachos.

It seemed like every customer who came in here did so with wide eyes and an expression full of wonderment. The bright colors, the paintings lining the walls, the rustic style furniture.

Our city has many wonderful restaurants, but last week Immers3d Magazine went to an old place called Yellow Dog Eats in Gotha.  We’ve heard so many good things about this place, we were excited to see its uniqueness.

A little bit away from Orlando so it doesn’t feel touristy and that’s a great thing.

Yellow Dog Eats is the place to go for food with a Key West indoor out vibe.

We drove down the gravel road and found ourselves at this amazing restaurant! When we got there it was a cool old restaurant with a great rustic feel and it felt like a real hole-in-the-wall type place.

There is a cool VW red right outside by the entrance with a picture of Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Jerry Garcia. This is a great picture spot!

A great smokey smell greets you as you walk into the place. Although the outside patio has a laid-back atmosphere and offers lots of ventilation, it was too hot for us, so we went inside to eat.

Inside the Yellow Dog Eats, looks like an old house repurposed into a restaurant and it’s full of interesting decorations.

There are lots of photos of dogs on the walls from other patrons, a couple of bars, a nice outdoor patio area, and an upstairs area with additional seating. It was cooler on the second floor, and it felt cozy because of the entire decor that matched the KeyWest style of the restaurant.

We didn’t notice at first how to order, but finally, we realized you go to the counter. There wasn’t a wait when we came in and we got our food pretty quickly after placing our order. Speaking of the food – O.M.G! These are some legit good sandwiches!

Yellow Dog Eats Food Review Immers3d Magazine
YDE is very hippie and rustic in style with a lot of wooden furniture that looked like it was taken from the trees outside. A quick stroll down this beaten path will take you to a new world where rustic charm reigns!

Yellow Dog Eats offers Pulled pork with their unique one-of-a-kind BBQ sauce.

You can’t go wrong with their sandwiches or salads, just order anything on the barbecue for an extra splash of flavor that will have your taste buds going wild with joy.  For example, my pulled pork sandwich came out fast enough that I could eat it in less than 5 minutes…
The food was delicious too, especially their pulled pork sandwich and the nachos, wonderful! Plus, they have all sorts of different sauces that you can put on your meat or veggies so you can customize your meal.

However, what I liked the most about the place was the friendliness of everyone.
We order food and drink at the bar, which is always my favorite thing about restaurants because you can chat with people who are there for the same reason as you.

The staff was very friendly! They were eager to answer any questions about what was available on their menu, but they also seemed very knowledgeable about other things, like where certain items came from or how long it took to prepare something.

Yellow Dog Eats, is a local joint that started as a food truck and all we can say is WOW.

Yellow Dog Eat’s Famous Pulled Pork Sandwich

Yellow Dog Eats Food Review Immers3d Magazine
The pulled pork gets a 10


The sandwiches are piled high and there’s no dainty way to eat them.

Just dig in and don’t be afraid to get your hands messy! You can lick your fingers after!

Their signature “Fish’s” barbecue sauce is delicious and a great compliment to the rest of the ingredients.

I washed it all down with a delicious draft of Mango IPA beer from the bar.

The pulled pork gets a 10, it was good but not too spicy and moist enough that you can cut through it like butter! Serving portions are generous here; if your stomach still has space left after lunch then be sure to order one of their ribs as well because they’re also pretty great (especially if perfect rib will do!).

Also, don’t forget about YDE’s bottle of their creator’s famous ‘Fish’ sauce home too! its sweet yet fiery flavor makes this sauce stand apart from others around town…at least according to those who have tried them so far 😉

You go inside order your food and then take it to the back to eat. I recommend one person gets the food while the other gets a table because the place is usually pretty full and also full of life!!

Also, bring a picture of your dog to hang on the wall!  and don’t forget to sign the wall too!

Yellow Dog Eats Food Review Immers3d Magazine, A true gem of a local eatery.

Put this on the must-stop list. The menu has creative options with top quality ingredients.

Hope you liked our article, and we can’t wait to hear your comments on this place!

So, have you been to Yellow Dog Eats…. yet?



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