Why is Tulum so popular?

We decided to visit Tulum in search of enlightenment, or (to be honest, in search of a good margarita)
For many people, Tulum is not even on the map yet. But that’s for people who are not “fashionable.”
Normally I check to see what other blogs say about a place (almost all of them tell you the same thing: “Go here or go there,” and when you go here or there, it is not what you expected. We went to Tulum almost blindly.
So our expectations are low, and the surprise is more fun. Yes, we saw some photos of the clubs and hotels before going, but what could we possibly expect from this tiny town?

I confess that when we searched #Tulum, I imagined that we would be surrounded by youngsters with an average age of 25, Instagram influencers with their little messages of blessings, looking hippie rich, wearing $500 rags. That was the conclusion I reached with a single glance. For that reason, our suitcases were full of “just in case” stuff.
Preparing the suitcase was an odyssey.

What do I wear? What do I wear?

Luckily, I was able to put together a pretty nice suitcase. In the end, my recommendation for the girls is to wear the clothes they want. Everything goes in Tulum, except printed dresses. I love linen, but—I know it’s a pain to iron later—I don’t recommend it. Take cotton, fresh clothes, and yes, provocative clothes too. Shows off that tan a bit, right?
Because at the end of the day, what counts is also how you are going to appear in the photos for your memories.
For men, we also recommend that you wear light clothing. Go shopping and look for comfortable but chic clothes. No typical tourist colors, and no golf clothing. In Tulum, you will listen to good lounge music and let yourself get drunk from the views of the sea that Tulum offers you.

If you enjoy adventure and discovering hidden natural wonders, head to the Tulum Coast.

Tulum is divided into two sections: Tulum town and Tulum Beach’s hotel zone The settlement is located around 5 kilometers inland from the coastline. It boasts a main avenue, a lot of activity and bustle, and less expensive lodging. However, it’s not picturesque in the daytime, but at night it’s a different story.

We found that Tulum Beach’s hotel zone is probably the ideal place to see beauty, with the best hotels, stores, and restaurants, and that’s where we were.

Maya Ruins, Tulum

What distinguishes Tulum from the rest of the Caribbean beaches?

Needless to say, is the magnificent Mayan ruins.

We found it was one of the most fascinating places on the earth.  Imagine a bunch of ancient buildings positioned on a cliff facing the Caribbean Sea. Now that’s a beautiful contrast that will be carved on the memory forever. There is no other place on earth like it.

There are many ancient ruins in Mexico, but Tulum is unique as is the only Mayan city built on a small cliff near the sea. As a result, when you walk to the top of Tulum’s archaeological zone, you will be treated to a spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea and, of course, you will take a lot of pics!

Tulum, which means “wall” in Mayan, originally received the name Zamá, which means “dawn.”

As you enter Tulum Beach’s hotel district,  heading south on Carretera 15, you’ll find along the way the famous Papaya Beach, and the popular Hotel Azulik. There’s also, Taboo Beach Club which was very impressive. Despite the presence of huge hotels and tourist amenities throughout the area, there are numerous eco-tourism options all natural resources, and incredible biodiversity in this lovely part of Mexico.

The successful restaurants of Grupo RosaNegra represent a brave, audacious, and high-quality culture. All of them occupy the top positions on Tripadvisor and have many awards for Excellence every year.  It is indeed the most-booked restaurant in each city and the winner of multiple Diners’ Choice awards.

The Tuluminati fashion

Tulum becomes a sensory experience, with everything around you exuding the same vibe. An ethnic, elegant, and somewhat hippie blend known as the “Tuluminati” style.

Everything with a pompom is a plus!


Tulum advertises itself as a yoga and wellness retreat, but it is not.

It may have been eight years ago when it was merely a camping and glamping location, which still kind of is, but not really.
Little by little, news traveled about the “Tuluminati experience” throughout the town, and thus the hippie-rich began to arrive yearning for something different.


Tulum appeals to millennials’ spiritual postmodernism.

People that have a spiritual, tribal, or oriental vibe and prefer tech house music

Many people visit Tulum, but only a handful return.

And who are the ones who come back? Those that share any religion and feel like they are citizens of the globe are the same ones who attend worldwide guilds such as Summit, Burning Man, and Woohoo, and those people will return until Marriott or Hilton take away the hippie-charm that these cities represent today.


The fantastic live performances by the sea in Tulum will lure you to fantasize and party in a captivating setting. It will cost you a “little,” but the temptation is too strong to resist.

We did not party like the Tuluminatis, but the walk around the beach is already terrific “free” entertainment.

Each location has the right environment for an elite beach party.

All beach clubs offer a full menu of daring and unusual foods, enticing mixology, and beautiful rhythms from the DJ. There are so many clubs to choose from; the options are wide. Most of them offer around the same price, which is 1,500 pesos or $85 per person per entry. However, that money goes to consumption, and that’s how the club guarantees they make at least the minimum amount accepted per person. That doesn’t sound too bad, but drinks are about $20 and the cheapest dish is $30, so what you really are paying for is the Tulum experience.

Tulum’s overall style appears to be inspired by Balinese architecture; its interiors offer refined comforts and premium amenities within a bohemian but cosmopolitan ambiance.

The funny thing about it is that Tulum is an ancient Mayan city, with some spectacular ruins, so you would expect the beach area to have that Mayan touch to its architecture. I’m sorry to tell you, not at all. The truth is that if you didn’t know you were in Tulum, you would think you were in Bali or Thailand.

The Tulum sunsets are quite famous, and the fact is that the light in Mexico is something indescribable! So now you know, when the sun goes down, you stay to watch the free show

Tulum sign

It’s a bit of a tourist, but if there’s a bit of that “instagramish” soul in you, you’ll love taking a selfie in front of the famous “Tulúm” sign. You will find it on the main street of the town.

Where we stayed: The Laat Hotel (previously known as The Hun)

Tulum is an area that is growing very fast, and you can find many small boutique hotels with very interesting offers. We got a super rate at the Laat Hotel and it was by far the best accommodation we had in Tulum.

We were greeted by the manager in charge, Jose, who was extremely hospitable with us. He recommended places, told us great stories about this town, and made us feel like family. Ask for “Josechu” when you go there, tell him Immers3d Magazine sent you. (Hey, maybe he will hook you up with an upgrade)

” Our visit to THE HAND”

The coolest thing about this hotel is that it has a super interesting attraction, La Mano.

Imagine sitting in this hand, surrounded by the Mayan jungle, in the light of the moon and the stars, asking for the hand of your future partner—who can say no?

Well, even if you don’t believe it, according to Josechu,

” 185 proposals that have been made here, they all said yes, except one. Luckily, the guy didn’t think of jumping up there”

Who can die for someone whose heart is so cold?  Luckily for us, we stayed 2 nights and 2 hand proposals were made on this site (and both of them said yes)

The structure stands at 6 meters high with an infinite view of the Mayan jungle.

"THE HAND" The structure stands at 6 meters hight with an infinite view of the Mayan jungle.

The Hand is a symbol that was designed with the purpose to admire, respect, and thank what nature gives us and therefore creating a link with the ecosystem.​
Where is it?

Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila Km 8.3 , Tulum Beach, Zona Costera, 77780 Tulum, Q.R.

CP 77780 / hun.tulum.hotel@gmail.com

Where did we eat in Tulum?

Paradise Beach, Tulum

And what better than taking a dip on the beach closest to the archaeological zone? We are talking about Playa Paraíso, where you can swim while seeing the very Mayan ruins (if the sargassum allows it, which wasn’t too bad, when we were there).
400 pesos minimum consumption p/p and $500 p/p with chaise (2) and umbrella
What we ate:

Playa Paradiso Tulum Tostadas de Atun
Tuna Tostada
Playa Paradiso Tulum Menu
El Paraiso Menu as of January 2023

Playa Paradiso Tulum

Restaurant La Casa de Mia

We were recommended to eat at Casa de Mia in Tulum. Overall, the food was not bad at all! Casa de Miam is a Hotel,with a pool garden, terrace, a restaurant and bar. We could see why travelers fall in love with this place. Its elements, the nest and the wooden tunnel that marks the entrance to the place have already become emblems of Tulum.


Is the restaurant next to Laat Hotel. Included with our room, they offered breakfast. The options were Burrito, Pancakes and any style eggs.

The Sian Ka’an biosphere lagoon

We came to the end of the road, where there was a sign that said Sian Kan Reserve. We didn’t want to go in at that time, but we asked for information. The guard in charge explained that there was a public beach and a lagoon. He said, there were restaurants and lounge chairs. In short, he sold us a very nice package and, on top of that, access for $2. Since you have to pay everywhere to access a public beach, we decided to visit this lagoon before leaving.

Well, what the guard told us had nothing to do with what we imagined.
The beach was just that—a neglected beach, full of sargasso. Then, you can only access the lagoon if you buy a tour. There is no access to do anything; you can walk and enter to see, but nothing else. We didn’t go. The restaurants that were on this route were, let’s say, not bad. Let’s put it this way: after seeing what’s in the beach area of Tulum, everything else looks ugly afterward.

Reserva Sian Ka'an

Reserva Sian Ka'an

Reserva Sian Ka'an

How many days do we recommend being in Tulum?

We recommend staying in Tulum for at least two days to tour the archaeological zone, Tulum town, and the hotel zone with its beaches for a photo safari to remember. Spend any extra days exploring the Riviera Maya area. That’s exactly what we did.

Here is what we did in the Riviera Maya.











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