Las Vegas: What to See, and Do

Think about this, our planet has thousands of exotic beaches, relaxing countryside, and spectacular mountains, but how many Las Vegas exists in this world? Only one. Making it a must-visit destination for its unique attractions like Disney World. Ah, Sin City…popular for its gambling, culture, great restaurants, amazing entertainment, great shopping, and nightlife, everyone must visit this place at least once in their life.

Although we have many attractions, restaurants, and beautiful places here in Orlando, Las Vegas is better for adult entertainment. Hey, it’s not called Sin City for nothing.

We found out flights are more economic during January or February. So, we decided to escape to Sin City. With 2-day you can see the twinkling neon lights, eat at celebrity chef restaurants, gamble in flashy casinos, and visit the city’s top attractions—and that’s just the first day!

What to do in Las Vegas on a weekend?

Round trips can be found for as little as $180 with Frontier Airlines. Now, it is difficult to see everything in Las Vegas in just one day, so we recommend spending 2 days.  The most significant tip is to come early and go directly to the hotel to snap pictures on the strip, schedule a night out at Drai’s Nightclub, and play some casino and party. The next day, go on a walk to view the city’s prominent landmarks, eat whatever you like, and basically go about your thing. We had a fantastic time even if there was a hangover and maybe a little money left over.

One of the places we were very excited about was going to the famous Drai club… which coincidentally is our last name too. Who knows? Could we be related?

Our experience at Drai’s Nightclub

Finding a nightclub with your last name is not something you do every day.  Owned by renowned hospitality and entertainment entrepreneur Victor Drai, this high-energy club spans two stories and features a variety of music genres and celebrity guests.


When we made the reservation at the lobby, the promoter asked us for our ID.  When he saw that we had the same last name, he was surprised and just said,

“The first time I see this last name, how cool!

Five hours later, we left the hotel, all dressed up and we headed towards our party.

As expected, lots of people at the door. With a move-out-of-my-way-bitches walk, we approached the podium, and announced our presence.

-We have reservations under the last name Drai. 

The promoter told his other coworker something in his ear, the guy leaves and he simply says, –Give us one minute, please. 

So we stand on the side to wait. One moment later.. this really handsome man shows up and says he’ll escort us to the nightclub… Follow him. 

As we went up the elevator, he told us that our last name caught his attention.

Drai, just like the owner.”

As a joke, we said something like;

-” Maybe Victor Drai is our cousin, and he doesn’t know it yet.”

He smiles and says,

-“Well, then, we are cousins because I am Victor’s son”

Oh shit! You are his son? wow! how…unexpected! 

-When I saw your name on the reservation, I had to come and see you guys for myself. I am Dustin Drai, nice meeting you

Nice meeting you, I am Venessa Drai and this is Sabrina Drai 

We laughed for a while and shared our roots to see if there was a connection. Same background,  the same religion too, but we couldn’t connect a mutual relative at that moment.  However, they treated us like family. The attention and service were wonderful, and they made us feel very VIP.

A night out at Drai's Nightclub in Las Vegas.

A night out at Drai’s Nightclub is one of the wildest experiences you can have in Las Vegas.

You’ll find state-of-the-art lighting, sound systems, and visuals that will make your jaw drop. Oh, and did we mention that the view from the rooftop is spectacular? Plus, the club features a full bar with only bottle service. So if you’re looking for a great time in Las Vegas, be sure to check out Drai’s Nightclub. It’ll be a night you won’t soon forget!

About Drai’s Beachclub Las Vegas

The home of live nightlife entertainment on The Strip, Drai’s is a dazzling, multi-level rooftop hotspot boasting more than 25,000 sq. feet of plush offerings, including two full-service bars, more than 75.

Known officially as Las Vegas Boulevard, the Las Vegas Strip is the most recognizable street in Las Vegas. It is home to the most famous hotels and casinos in the city, which makes it one of the most photographed and visited avenues in the world.

Where we stayed: Hotel Paris, Las Vegas

Hotel Paris is an iconic destination for travelers in Las Vegas, with its spectacular skyline and stunning views.

The Parisian-themed hotel offers a variety of bars and lounges to enjoy a night out. Enjoy a romantic evening at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant. You can sip on signature cocktails at Le Cabaret Lounge or dance the night away at Chateau Nightclub. For a different type of nightlife experience, visit The Fountains of Bellagio, where a spectacular show of water, light, and music awaits you. Spend the evening exploring the many casinos, bars, and restaurants that make up Las Vegas’ famous Strip. From swanky nightclubs to world-class restaurants, there’s something for everyone on the Strip.

Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino – Official Site

Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino offers the most alluring Las Vegas accommodations, restaurants & nightlife. Experience our enticing, sexy & romantic Las Vegas hotel.

Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, is an incredible place to visit, with lots to see and do. We had the pleasure of visiting it and wanted to share our experiences and photos with you. From taking in the iconic skyline from The Strip to exploring the hidden gems of Downtown, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city.

Downtown was the original gambling district for the city when gambling was legalized in 1931. Also, is home to a range of attractions, from iconic neon lights and vintage casinos to great restaurants and entertainment.

To get the best photographs of downtown Las Vegas, make sure you visit Fremont Street Experience, the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino, and The Mob Museum. Each of these sites provides a unique insight into the history of this bustling city.
As former mayor Oscar Goodman famously said:

“Downtown Las Vegas is an exciting place with lots of energy and something special at every turn.”

Visit downtown Las Vegas to experience its unique culture and explore its rich history. Don’t forget to bring your camera—you won’t want to miss out on capturing these stunning sights!

The Skylines of the city

Vegas has some of the most stunning skylines in the world. From the iconic strip to the glimmering lights of Downtown, there’s something for everyone to appreciate. The best spots for photos are from the top of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel. Take in the views of the Bellagio and MGM Grand, as well as other iconic hotels such as the Venetian and Caesars Palace.

With every turn of your head, you’re met with a mesmerizing sight that will make you gasp in awe. The perfect way to end your night is by taking in the glimmering lights of Las Vegas.

One of the most notable attractions is the famous Bellagio fountains, a huge dancing fountain synchronized to music.
what to see las vegas strip
This lively New York themed casino hotel is located on the Strip between Park MGM and the Excalibur. It includes several towers built to imitate the skyline of that great city.

As for positives, there’s no shortage of things to do in The Entertainment Capital of the World.

With the many casinos, bars, clubs, and shows all along The Strip, you can always find something to keep you entertained. The beautiful desert scenery and nightlife make Las Vegas an unforgettable destination. Plus, you get to take amazing photos of the famous skyline.

On the other hand, it’s important to keep in mind Sin City is an extremely expensive city and a party town.

The intense nightlife can be overwhelming and exhausting, and the city often receives criticism for its focus on gambling. You should also be aware of the potential danger associated with crowded places like The Strip and Downtown.

As the famous entertainer, Tony Bennett, said,

“Las Vegas is the only place I know where money talks—it just says goodbye.”

Our Gallery of Photos

From the bright lights of the Strip to the natural beauty of the surrounding desert, Las Vegas has something for everyone.

Situated north of the Las Vegas Strip in Downtown Las Vegas, Fremont Street was the city’s actual birthplace, famous for block after block of the city’s most iconic neon signs and marquees adorning some of Las Vegas’ first casinos, like Binion’s Horseshoe, the Golden Nugget, the Pioneer Club, and many more.
The New York-New York Hotel & Casino is a hotel and casino located on the famous Las Vegas Strip, at 3790 Las Vegas Boulevard South in Paradise, Nevada. It is the only hotel in Las Vegas along with the Stratosphere with a roller coaster.
Located on the southern end of The Strip across from the Tropicana, this massive emerald-colored casino complex features an iconic 45-foot bronze lion.


what to see las vegas strip

what to see las vegas strip

what to see las vegas strip

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