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“Yellow Dog Eats” Review

“Yellow Dog Eats” Immers3d Food Review Nachos: Pulled pork, black beans, melted queso, salsa, Thai chili, cilantro sour cream, gold sauce, cherry peppers, pickles onions, and scallions.   “What is…

San Jose’s Tequila Tasting

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Tequila Tasting at San Jose’s Mexican Restaurant.   The owner and host of Radio Station La Mejor 1340 AM / 96.1 FM in Orlando, Oscar Pineda, cordially invited us to…

Riding Orlando from the sky with Heli-Tours

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There is one attraction that many locals in Orlando seem to overlook: helicopter tours! Yes, that’s right! Orlando has a ton of tourist traps and activities to keep you…

Cocina Maya Mexican Grill & Mezcaleria

Cocina Maya Mexican Grill & Mezcaleria with Immers3d Magazine. Cocina Maya Mexican Grill & Mezcaleria introduces a Mayan Cuisine, an ancient cuisine has stood the test of time. Renowned for…

Most popular sushi at Bonsai Sushi

Going over the menu at Bonsai Sushi with Chun. Hi Chun! At Immers3d Magazine, we always want to know what the chefs recommend.  We know you’ve been in business for…

The French Cafe Windermere

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THE FRENCH CAFÉ, Windermere Welcome to The French café in the Windermere village shopping, a place for le big fans of French breakfast, bakery, and coffee. And let me tell…

Seeking for Bliss?

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 Bliss Glamping El Peñol Colombia Grand Opening event! Grand Opening Bash Weekend -Bliss Glamping- Immers3d What a trip! I don’t even know where to start… there is so much to…
Spas of Florida in 3D. Immers3d Magazine

Featuring 3D Luxury Spas in Florida

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Some places invite you to disconnect and fully relax: Spas, those urban spaces where everything revolves around water, its healing properties, and its ability to take us to a total…

Cafe Tu-Tu-Tango Happy hour!

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If you’re looking for the best happy hours in Orlando, Immers3d Magazine has you covered. If you’re looking for a place in Orlando to enjoy some delicious happy hour specials,…

3 seconds, that’s the average.

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Don’t be naughty, this it’s not about sex, (although experts say that lasts an average of 11 minutes) but 3 seconds is how long it takes for people to decide…

The Fashion Lounge Concept

We adore the concept behind The Fashion Lounge boutique. Consider coming into a store and finding three boutiques in one. On the one side, you’ll find Leila Alves Casual Style,…

Flagler Beach in 360 Photos.

Enjoy all these fun views of Flagler Beach in 360 Many people have no idea of Florida’s natural environment With nearly 1,770 km of beaches, the beaches in Florida will…

Explore Slate Restaurant 360 views

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The Experience of American Modern Cuisine at Slate Restaurant. Residents of Dr. Phillips are very familiar with Slate Restaurant. I bet that if you drove in the afternoon time around…

Downtown Winter Garden with 360 photos!

  Downtown Winter Garden 360 views with Immers3d Magazine. wow! What’s up, Winter Garden… what a beautiful hidden gem we found recently! Allow us to show you the vistas from…

Mecum Auctions | Car Auctions Orlando

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Mecum Auctions is a car collector’s dream. Imagine a room packed full of the world’s most beautiful and rare cars. And that’s what you’ll find at Mecum Auctions, where thousands of…

Naan Stopp Indian Cuisine Review

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Nothing better than being transported by the aromas and flavors of Indian cuisine at Naan Stopp. We had the pleasure of meeting Ram who owns several restaurants in the Central…

Halloween Horror House 3D Tour.

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The Halloween House in 3D- the first virtual tour of a truly scary place! Finally, the most terrifying haunted house has just been released in 3D. Indeed, this is not…

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