Welcome to The French café in the Windermere village shopping, a place for le big fans of French breakfast, bakery, and coffee.

And let me tell you, as you walk into The French Café, the aroma of the coffee and the fresh bread being baked in the oven is like a warm welcoming hug, especially in the morning.

It’s a cool vibe… (Starbucks has nothing on this place if you ask me.)

Oh, and you know what happens when you enter a place like The French Cafe? well, its aroma will hypnotize you.

We already know that scents are linked to an individual’s sense of smell, and each person’s memories can be triggered immediately.

Well, the same thing happens to me when I smell a baguette, and it probably happens to all of us. Because its scent is so loved for what it evokes for each person.

Come on, who has had a bad experience smelling a fresh baguette out of the oven?

No one… on the contrary, we are awakened by a smell that is the closest thing to home.

Julius Meinl porcelán’s classic cappuccino

Le Coffee at The French Cafe

Americans love coffee. In both restaurants and cafes, you can refill your cup of coffee with just a nod.
At the French Cafe, they offer a rich selection of coffees: milk, cold coffee, cappuccino, with vanilla… More flavors than you could imagine.

So, after we did the 3D Virtual tour, we ordered some Cafe au Lait and a Macchiato to start.

OMG, their coffee was dark roasted, and full body.  We fall in love with it!! I got to add the design of their cups it’s really cute and Frenchie.

Le Menu at The French Café

The Menu at The French Café has a variety of exquisite flavors, from omelets with smoked salmon, Swiss cheese, goat cheese, cheddar, mushrooms, potatoes, spinach, pepper, and even bacon; to toast, baguettes, croissant, ciabattas, multi-grain bread; Quiches, soup de jour, salads, sweet and savory crepes.

Damn… it was hard to choose what to eat.

Le Baguette de Tradition at Le French Cafe

Since everything is cooked from scratch, their dishes have the most delectable flavor because all of the components are fresh from the day. I chose the Morning Baguette sandwich (eggs with bacon and mushrooms) served with a salad as a side dish, and Venessa selected a Breakfast croissant (eggs with mushrooms and Swiss cheese) served on the side with some fried potatoes. The Baguette was, the way a baguette is supposed to be.  But how do you recognize and enjoy a good baguette de tradition?

According to the Chef at The French Cafe, 6 criteria matter: appearance, crust, crumb, mouth-feel, aroma, and taste.

“The baguette should be pressed and lightly cracked to see if it is crispy enough. The more it cracks, the better it is!”

I grabbed my baguette hidden under a dusting of flour (make-up, some would say!), the crust was smooth and brown, and the sides straight and regular. Yup, a perfect baguette!

We both thought it was one of the greatest breakfasts we had had in months since the flavors melted on our lips.

The French Cafe 360 photo

Le Decor at The French Café

Simple and tres jolie, that’s the best way to describe the decor.

None of that decoration style mixes rustic with a vintage influence. Don’t expect the Vichy-type checkered fabrics, checks, and stripes on the tablecloths and awnings.

Here, the color is what strikes the most. Yellows and oranges refer to the sun and the fruit.

The French cafe is a small gourmet, pastry, and coffee shop that has been designed and decorated to make customers feel welcome, comfortable, and at home.

The place full of windows gives the environment a lot of light and space to breathe but does not give you the discomfort of feeling exposed to the exterior, it has its privacy.

About The Owner of The French Cafe

Ram is known for being a fantastic host because his main love is hospitality. He has a long history in the restaurant industry and has owned numerous enterprises. He began his first business at a young age, selling American fried chicken in India. After two years, he had more than 100 local businesses there, but he eventually decided to sell them so he could spend more time with his family.

Because his family shares his passion for the culinary sector as well, they decided to launch new eateries in the United States. Starting with The French Café, Windermere, Naan Stopp, and The French Cafe in Hamlin.

Ram not only provides excellent service and high-quality food, but he also has a goal of bringing small bits of the globe to our homes.

Voila! As we said,  The French café feels like you’re in Paris, drinking your coffee and eating a freshly made baguette. And not only do they have a fantastic service but, for those who have been to France will realize, very inexpensive costs, making the setting even more ideal.

We welcome all those French food lovers, and those who have never tried it to go and have a wonderful experience at the French café, and if you lucky Ram would be there and probably greet you guys transmitting a warm welcome.

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