Nothing better than being transported by the aromas and flavors of Indian cuisine at Naan Stopp.

We had the pleasure of meeting Ram who owns several restaurants in the Central Florida area such as “A’Taj Restaurant”, Naan Stopp, and The French Bakery.

He invited us to try the cuisine of his restaurants.
So with Gabriel, Immers3d Magazine ventured out to try Naan Stopp Indian Cuisine.

Let’s say I’m familiar with Indian food on a commercial level. You know, the big hitters, like Curry with Coconut Milk, Basmati rice, and, of course, the famous Tandoori and Masalas.

Now, when we asked our friends (americanAmericans and Latinos) if they eat Indian food frequently, they all gave the same answer…

“Indian Food? No, no. Pica, pica,” “Ufff,” “very spicy”
What? What a bunch of cowards!

All we can say is you’ll surprise, it’s not like that at all. And Indian food can be very delicious if you like to “spice up the palate”

But let us show also the beauty of this place and of course a 3D virtual tour of Naan Stopp

Delightfully decorated, Naan Stopp is perfect to dine with your family, friends, or on a date.

Naan Stopp

We sat down with Ram, and he answered our interview very calmly.

Everything we found out today was indeed interesting. The owner of Naan Stopp has extensive experience in the restaurant industry.
Ram told us that he studied computer engineering and had lived in several countries, including France and Canada.

He stated that years ago he wanted to buy the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise and open it in India. But things became complicated. The company threw many roadblocks in his path, and he eventually decided to open his own restaurant.

As a result, American fried chicken was born.


Naan Stopp.

Also, as if that were not enough, his idea was a triumph and soon American Fried Chicken became a chain with hundreds of restaurants in the country. Then he sold the franchise and went on to do other things like moving to the U.S in early 2000.

It was 6 pm and Ram decided to order before it would start getting busy. He called the waitress and ordered food for everyone.

We had no idea what we’ll be trying, but we didn’t ask. Instead, we wanted to find out more about the food.

Indian cuisine at Naan Stopp.
Nothing better than being transported by the aromas and flavors of Indian cuisine at Naan Stopp.

So, Ram, what exactly is Indian cuisine like here at Naan Stopp?

“In India, the first thing that attracts attention is the flavor of spices and condiments, always perfectly combined to enhance the delicious taste of the dishes”.
“Some of the most characteristic Indian flavors are cayenne, clove, ginger, cardamom, and saffron. With a mixture of these and other spices, the famous garam masala or curries are achieved, which, after all, are the perfect mixture of various condiments.
In Indian cuisine you will find all kinds of stews and legumes, rice and vegetables are also widely used, always with curries or masalas. A truly exotic flavor that is sometimes accompanied by a nice beer or a glass of red wine.”

What are the influences of Indian cuisine?

“I am not sure exactly the origins per se. But Indian cuisine has been influenced by many colonizing civilizations over the years of its history. It has had many Muslim and Hindu influences, also by the English, Portuguese, and even Persians have left some influence on Hindu cuisine”.

What is the most typical dish of India?

“You’ll see what I ordered but I would say the Tandoori Chicken is a very typical dish and we serve it here at Naan Stopp”.

Tandoori Chicken

Surely this is the most famous dish of typical Indian food.

And it is difficult to find someone who does not fall in love with tandoori chicken, that famous Indian recipe for chicken cooked in a special oven called Tandoori.

The tandoor, as we explained to you, consists of an oven-roasted chicken with spices.

In fact, Tandoor tandoor means clay oven and is cooked with firewood and charcoal.

It is a symbol of Indian cuisine that has the advantage of preserving all the juices and flavor, which avoids the dryness that many roasts suffer from.

Tandoori chicken is one of the most famous recipes that are cooked in this instrument.

It is marinated in yogurt and made with different spices (depending on the region or the taste of the cook) and admits different degrees of spiciness.

Now, that’s a Chicken we have to try next time we visit Naan Stopp.

1 minute later, the waitress show up with the following dish.

Lamb tikka masala at Naan Stopp Indian Cuisine

Now this, we tried! and OMG… it was EXQUISITE

This delectable mutton curry is popular in the Punjab region of northwest India. The region exports a large number of successful Western dishes, such as this spicy stew with cream (a common addition to curries in the region).

The lamb tikka masala also includes yogurt and traditional regional spices. The lamb’s strong flavor complements the creaminess of the other ingredients and softens when it comes into contact with them.

You must try it at Naan Stopp, which specializes in Nothern Indian cuisine and will impress you with its authenticity.

All these delicious dishes came accompanied by Naan bread.


Naan at Naan Stopp

It is the classic Indian bread and way better than Pita.

It is made with wheat flour and yeast (although it is flat, it is not unleavened).

How do you make Naan?

“It is common for it to be made in a frying pan, although the tandoor oven can also be used, which is very common in the country and the Punjab region, specifically. It is a traditional accompaniment to dishes along with white rice and is delicious when is freshly made.”

They prepare it with great mastery in Naan Stopp Indian Cuisine.

Here they offer it in many ways: in a classic version, cooked in tandoor, with a puff pastry texture and butter, stuffed with cheese, nuts, or meat, or try them all.

Naan Stopp Basmati rice

It was so yummy and beautifully served and it went so well with the Lamb Tikka Masala sauce

Its delicacy makes it an ideal garnish for curries and dishes in which the spicy can play tricks.

This type of rice is very popular in India and is known for its long grain and the fragrance it exudes.

Did you know that rice is also one of the oldest crops, and today India is the world’s second-largest producer of rice after China? They grow hundreds of varieties, although the best known throughout the world is basmati. It is cultivated mainly on the coasts and the Ganges.
It is a common accompaniment to all kinds of dishes served alone, simply boiled, or cooked with all kinds of ingredients.

If you like this cereal as much as we do, book a table without hesitation at Naan Stopp.

In India, there is food for every celebration and a celebration for every food.


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