Part 2 of Angelo Falce from Little Italy Interview.

Award Winning Cocktail Recipe Angelo prepared for Frank Sinatra: La Piu Bella

La Piu Bella Cocktail

0.5 oz of Jack Daniels

0.5 oz of Tanqueray Gin

1.0 oz of Campari

0.5 oz of Contreau Liquour

dash of Orange Juice

Top it off with Moet Chandon Champagne.


Angelo, tell us an anecdote of someone famous that you have met.

Well, when I got to New York, I was working in a prestigious place as a bartender. I had already won an award back in Argentina as best bartender for Moet Chandon. Oh yeah… it was a real treat. They sent me to compete in Paris and all. I prepared a drink in a contest and I won!

“Waiting for my turn”, Angelo Falce (far right)

This photo was the day I won my award. The men in the middle was the president of Moet Chandon, I am on the left and on the right the second winner.

The fact is that on one occasion, this is again, back in New York.  I was preparing my special award drink one evening and the maitre’d returned to tell me that Frank Sinatra was giving me the compliment for such a delicious cocktail. 

I had no idea that Mr. Sinatra was even in the restaurant. For a moment, I thought he was joking!  To my surprise, 

Later on, Frank Sinatra came to my bar at told me, my award cocktail was one of the best drinks he had ever had in his life!

Definitely awesome! Frank Sinatra! What a compliment!

Indeed, whenever he came to the restaurant, Sinatra would always order my cocktail.  I was very flattered, imagine, Sinatra in love with my cocktail!

Along with Sinatra, there was a another great artist that used to frequent my bar. The famous Sandro de America. 

Angelo with Sandro de America. Argentinian Singer.

Well, differing a little bit, let’s imagine someone famous walks into the restaurant today, who would it be?

Oooh, That would be Sophia Loren!

This is an absolutely a great answer Angelo, Sophia Loren, a true Napolitana herself!. Without a doubt, the piu bella in the world!

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