If you’re looking for the best happy hours in Orlando, Immers3d Magazine has you covered.

The Immers3d Magazine team is here to share with you their experience at Cafe Tu Tu Tango in Orlando

In this video, we’re going to show you why Cafe Tu Tu Tango is the best happy hour spot in Orlando. They say that good things happen when friends get together, and the Immers3d magazine team has been around long enough to know that’s true!

If you’re looking for a place in Orlando to enjoy some delicious happy hour specials, look no further than Cafe Tu Tu Tango! This hidden gem offers up some amazing deals on tapas-style dishes, perfect for sharing with friends. Read on for a review of some of our favorite items from their menu.

We’ve scoured the city to find establishments that offer awesome deals on food and drinks. From trendy cocktail bars to casual eateries, we’ve got something for everyone.

Cafe Tu Tu Tango


So whether you’re a local or just visiting, be sure to check out our list of the best happy hours in Orlando!

Most of us know that happy hour is the best time to get cheap drinks and food. But where’s the best place to go for happy hour in Orlando? Cafe Tu tu Tango, of course!

Cafe Tu-Tu-Tango Happy hour!

So today, we’re going to take a look at Cafe Tu Tu Tango in Orlando.

We’ve been on a mission to find out where the best happy hours are in Orlando and so far Cafe Tu Tu Tango has been our favorite place.

Moreover with such good prices on both food and drinks, it’s no wonder this restaurant is always packed during happy hour.

Cafe Tu-Tu-Tango Happy hour!

Immers3d Magazine wants to make it easy for you, so they found the best happy hour in Orlando!

We went down south of International Drive and checked out an institution like Cafe Tu tu Tango.

For more than 30 years this place has brought food art & fun into downtown Orlando’s tourism corridor on I-Drive with its tapas-style small plates menu.  Cafe Tu Tu Tango features a wide array of sharable dishes that are perfectly paired alongside one another or taken individually too.  No matter how much time there is left until dinnertime rolls around again because we all know what happens when someone says “ Happy Hour.”

Cafe Tu-Tu-Tango Happy hour!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Cafe Tu tu Tango and enjoy the best happy hours in Orlando!

Let me take you through what it’s like inside and why you need to go there sometime soon.

Without a doubt, when you enter Cafe Tu Tu Tango, it seems that you have entered the art workshop of many aspiring painters.  It’s just such an awesome atmosphere that can’t be beaten!

The place has that bohemian touch, not too French, not too modern. There are so many paintings hanging on the wall to look at that it’s hard to keep your eyes on one place.
However, if you are an art lover and want to get out of the routine, this site is for you.

It’s like a museum full of art and food with a great atmosphere.  I would say that it even brings back memories of some hidden bars in Europe.

Cafe Tu-Tu-Tango Happy hour!

You will find here a bazaar of paintings, a canvas of all sizes of different themes and thousands of colors decorating the walls of Cafe Tu Tu Tango.

Moreover, when we arrived at 5 and the place was not very busy but people were starting to arrive.

The artistic wave is still standing, that has not changed but the structure and the positions of the tables have.


DRAFT BEER …..  3.22  |  WELL DRINKS  ….. 4.22  |  SELECT WINES …..  4.22 SANGRIA  ….. 4.22  |  SPIRITED MASTERPIECE COCKTAILS …..  6.22


Let’s review each dish!

chickpeas, avocado, salsa Roja, naan  
Cafe Tu-Tu-Tango Happy hour!
Cafe Tu-Tu-Tango Happy hour!

Review: 5 Star:  Delicious, very fresh, and smooth texture. Hummus you would eat at a typical Morrocan or South African Cuisine.

charred corn, lime, mayo, tajin, queso cotija

Review:  2 stars: Not bad, but overall the cotija cheese was overwhelming, too much cheese!  We recommend you remove some of it so you can appreciate the flavour of the corn.  In our opinion, when making Elote or Street corn is made with corn on the cob, slathered with mayonnaise, seasoned with chili powder and fresh lime juice, and sprinkled all over with salty Cotija cheese and cilantro. It’s messy to eat but worth every bite.

blackened chicken, goat cheese, cheddar cheese, red onion, corn, creole mustard sauce

Cafe Tu-Tu-Tango Happy hour!

Review: 5 stars: Chicken Egg Rolls are a colorful combination of golden corn, black beans,  shredded cheese and tender bites of chicken with a sweet and spicy southwest seasoning all wrapped up in an egg roll wrapper. They are so good. Dipped in an creole mustard sauce, they are practically irresistible.

capicola, genoa salami, pulled pork, pickles, swiss cheese, mojo sauce

Review: 4 Stars: The Cuban sandwich, better known as a Cubano, begins with soft, slightly sweet Cuban bread. Heaps of heavily seasoned pork roast and sliced ham alternating between layers of Swiss cheese and sour pickles. The sandwich is cemented together with yellow mustard and a garlic butter schmear.

pineapple salsa 

Review: 5 Stars! Omg! try the jerk chicken skewers at Cafe tu tu tango, they are fantastic! The chicken was moist and flavorful, and the spices added a nice kick. The skewers are served with a delicious pineapple salsa that provides a nice contrast in flavors and textures. If you’re looking for an appetizer or main course that will tantalize your taste buds, I highly recommend giving these skewers a try.

honey-lime escabeche, queso cotija, corn tortillas      

Review: 5 Stars: The grilled fish tacos were absolutely amazing! The fish was cooked perfectly and the toppings were so fresh. Their fresh ingredients and incredible flavors will leave you wanting more! Not to mention, it’s a great way to get your daily dose of protein. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Cafe tu tu tango and try their fish tacos today!

sour orange & achiote rubbed cauliflower, charred peppers,  roasted corn, garlic-basil crema

Review: 5 Stars: Everything’s better when served in a warm tortilla and paired with pickled onios, which is why I’m currently obsessed with this smokey, taco seasoning adorned cauliflower taco recipe.

Chocolate Cheesecake Pops

Review: 5 Stars: Are you a fan of extra sweet and extra delicious desserts? We have the perfect easy dessert for you! This recipe for Chocolate covered Cheesecake Popsicles is a great choice for when you want to mix flavors and textures.

More about their menus here.

We hope that this article has helped you find the best happy hour in Orlando, or at least given you a few more to check out.

Overall, its hard narrowing down just one favorite—there are so many great bars and restaurants with terrific specials!

Be sure to share your experience if you’ve visited any of these spots already. Let us know what we missed and which ones were your favorites by commenting below.

Cafe Tu Tu Tango Maps


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Cafe Tu-Tu-Tango Happy hour!

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