Bonsai Sushi Immers3d

Immers3d Interview with Giselle and Chun at Bonsai Sushi.

We discovered a hidden gem for Sushi lovers in Dr. Phillips.  If you are looking for sushi that has the perfect taste and texture that can only be found in Japan. This location is almost exact!

The sushi and sashimi selections are fantastic, and the fish comes from a top-notch fish market. SUSHI IS EXTREMELY FRESH!!!

The saki selection is wide, and they have some of the best Japanese beers on the market. It’s no surprise that this place is always packed because the staff is always so friendly! One of the best sushi restaurants in Central Florida.

We chose this location because, despite the abundance of sushi restaurants in the area, Bonsai is unquestionably the most popular if you enjoy authentic sushi.

Bonsai Sushi has been serving the community for more than sixteen years and intends to do so in the coming years.

They will undoubtedly succeed because this establishment is charming and will treat you as if you were a member of the family and that’s what people love the most.

Giselle and Chun, a most charming couple, welcomed us. It had been quite a busy lunch as it usually happens but they welcomed us with their usual kindness.

We loved listening to their stories.

Giselle meet Chun about 20 years ago. She was attending Culinary school in south Florida and was working at a Sushi bar.  Chun was the head chef and well, today they have a beautiful family and a very successful restaurant together. They get along well, because Giselle says that they don’t mix their responsibilities, She takes care of the front house and Chun takes care of the back house.   Chun himself built the restaurant with his own hands and that means a lot for this couple. Today they are the original tenants within the Shopping Plaza.
Although the place is small, it has its intimate and familiar welcoming touch. Even celebrities enjoy coming here for the quality and service.

When Chun met Royce Gracie.

Chun, we see here a wall with pictures of many celebrities that have come here to Bonsai. Share with us a funny story or an impact a celebrity has had on you.

Out of all the customers that have come through here, Actually, Royce Gracie being here, honestly to me, was meeting a lifetime hero, someone I’ve looked up to, being a martial artist myself. So having Royce Gracie here was a great moment in my life for me.

Are you? we didn’t know that. That’s amazing. How long you have been doing Jiu-Jitsu?

-Yes, 15 years now, I am a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under the Gracie family.

Wow, the Gracie family that’s an honor then. So is he a regular customer?

-Whenever he is in town once in a while he does stop by yes. It’s always a great great honor to have him.

Have you ever trained with him?

I have not trained with him but I have trained beside him. 

That’s awesome! Thank you so much, Chun!

Chan with Shaquille O’Neill

Shaq O’Neal is another Bonsai fan.

Giselle, tell us about Shaq. What is it like when he comes here?

Shaq is a great customer. He comes here now and then when he is in town and loves sushi a lot! He is also a great presence in the restaurant when he comes.

Immers3d with Giselle at Bonsai Sushi!

What we love the most about Giselle is that she has a smile for everything. Her kindness, sympathy, and good memory make Bonsai Sushi so successful.

Once you come to Bonsai, the place, even if it is small, it’s very cozy and Giselle remembers almost every one of her clients. Something, we do not get that kind of service in many restaurants in Orlando.

  • Giselle, what do you like the most about coming to work at Bonsai Sushi every day?

Coming here at Bonsai Sushi, is almost like being at home and with the family. I know almost all of my clients so I have a good time attending to them and talking about their things. For me it is not coming to work, it is a pleasure to be here and I love it. We have been here for so many years that I am watching the generations go by. Those children who came here years ago, today they come with their families. You are seeing the change and all of this is very emotional.

  • Tell us a little about the Bonsai team.

At Bonsai Sushi, we are only 6 people and almost all of us are family. My sister and cousins ​​work here. I take care of the front of the restaurant and Chan takes care of the back. I don’t go into his kitchen and he doesn’t mess with the service. We have a good team, we all understand each other and we are all happy.

  • What is the secret that sushi here at Bonsai is so successful?

-One of the reasons why sushi is highly valued is that it is really hard to make. Without a doubt the quality of our dishes. Our itamaes are professionals in the art of making sushi and you can tell that we are some of the best in town. Fresh and tasty sushi also demands the use of high-quality fresh ingredients. Sushi-grade fish is extremely costly, and some of the best quality fish, such as tuna, may cost hundreds of dollars per pound.

I would say that one of the advantages is that Chun has to choose the fish as the first customer with the suppliers.

Before the companies go out to deliver the fish, they always come here first and Chun chooses them. The truth is that they have no other choice, Chun is very professional and when he is not happy, he returns the fish.

He returned it so many times that in the end, the deliverymen decided to give him the pleasure of choosing first. With that, we already have a great advantage because our sushi is undoubtedly top quality.

Check out what Chun recommends when you come to Bonsai Sushi next time!

Wanna see what it looks like inside Bonsai Sushi? Immerse yourself 




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