We adore the concept behind The Fashion Lounge boutique.

Consider coming into a store and finding three boutiques in one. On the one side, you’ll find Leila Alves Casual Style, then there’s Oz Jewelry with unique accessories, and finally, there is Patricia Valga with her Stylish shoes. The goal of these three partners is for you to leave feeling beautiful, sexy, and confident. Most importantly, they make the experience enjoyable and personalized.

Welcome to The Fashion Lounge, (from left to right: Venessa Drai, Vania Madalozzo, Leila Alves, Kim Price.)

In addition, here you meet a group of enterprising, creative, and altruistic women with their community. The girls at The Fashion Lounge make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk into the store. They will always offer you a coffee with a bit of Brazilian cake and they will treat you like a luxury.

Three women with one goal at The Fashion Lounge boutique.

The story of how these 3 friends started is very interesting and emotional.
When they arrived in Orlando from Brazil, they did not know each other. They all started their business as street vendors.

“Here it is very common for a lot of women to get together and help each other. We used to get together at small events, in one hair salon, in another’s salon. If one sold jewelry, I sold a handbag and the other sold bikinis, and that is how we got to know the stock of each one. When a client asked me about bathing suits, I referred her to my partner and so vice versa “

So that’s how they met, great! And how did this concept of opening The Fashion Lounge come about among you?

Vania tells us,

“One day we found this place and we decided that each one could have a side and thus complement each other as a boutique. What better place than to find what to wear, to wear and complement your look without any problem. “

Network Saturdays at The Fashion Lounge.

We hear that on Saturdays here it gets good…. Tell us what happens here at The Fashion Lounge on Saturdays.

“We also decided that on Saturdays we would continue to make the same network and we always invite small vendors to share their products with the clients who enter through here. We had a great time, we put on music, we served mimosas and we helped each other. “

How fun, and do many entrepreneurs come here?

“Oh yes! As the store has a lot of space, everyone can display their merchandise without a problem. We respect each other a lot and the idea is to help us “

A very altruistic idea on his part and a very nice way to help the Brazilian community here at MetroWest.

“We know very well the sacrifice involved in starting over and here we are to help. A few years ago, when I suffered from cancer, I had many achievements, and it is that life without support from each other does not mean anything “

Shopping is more enjoyable when it has a Brazilian flair.

OZ Contemporary jewelry by Vania Madalozzo at The Fashion Lounge boutique.

Manufactured from natural Brazilian stones and plated 18K yellow gold, this gem is the best gift for every woman.


If you’re looking for a unique style and high quality, look no further. Oz Jewelry has it. Their pieces are made with the best Brazilian primary materials. Vania enjoys limited editions, so this is a one-of-a-kind item for her. Because if there’s one thing we women despise, it’s seeing our garments replicated on all corners. Oz Jewelry has you covered if you want to highlight your good taste and elegance with a rustic and modern twist.

Women are passionate about jewelry because it has always made women feel beautiful and confident. The significance of jewelry lies in its ability to enhance a woman’s natural beauty. Jewelry today symbolizes wealth and represents the femininity and sophistication of those who wear it. Giving jewels today means giving a gift that “lasts for generations.”

Precious metal jewels are jewels that last for generations; 

The Fashion Lounge

You can reach Vania at 407-832-1070 


Facebook Oz Jewelry

Instagram Jewerly_oz

Leila Alves Casual Style by Leila Alves

The Fashion Lounge

“The majority of my clients are women who have reached the point in their lives where they have no choice but to follow trends. Some women believe that to look good, miracles must be performed. However, I believe that by that age, most women have developed a distinct personality and sense of style, both of which are essential for looking good. These stylish outfits are perfect for all women who understand that style never goes out of style and who want to express their true selves through their wardrobe”.

In Leila Alves, you will find combinations of clothes with fashion styles that are beautiful and practical and of great quality. Also, accessories are more than enough to achieve a feminine and casual look. On the other hand, if dresses are not your thing, you can opt for a stylish blouse with bishop sleeves and combine it with classic black pants. The flats go very well with this minimal style combination if you can add them to your look.
As you can see there are many options available that will help you highlight your beauty and convey your style. If you want to know more options, do not hesitate to go to The Fashion Lounge. Remember that if you want an exclusive service, you can request personalized advice and an expert will guide you so that you can enhance your personal and professional image.

Contact Leila Alves at 407-860-5112

Dress with Stile at www.leilaalves.com

Instagram: leilalaves_eua

Patricia Valga Shoes & Accesories

The Fashion Lounge

Witness the irresistible and charming style of Patricia Valga and her collection of sleek, stylish, and fashionable Brazilianian shoes at The Fashion Lounge.

There is no denying that in terms of shoes, Brazil has a wealth of knowledge and skills. As a result, most Brazilian footwear is handmade, resulting in the most comfortable experience possible. Since Brazilians are known for their creativity, expertise ct highest-quality materials available, at Patricia Valga’s. you should expect a lot of design innovation.

Classic, simple, or daring, made of exotic leather or colored plastic, Patricia Valga has a complete stock.

Brazilian shoes that we love

Patricia Valga has super sexy modern shoes for work, casual outings, and even sandals.  They appeal to a variety of modern, classic, current vintage styles, and seasonal inspirations.

“My objective is to provide a unique fashion look of footwear for modern women.”

One of the things we like the most about Brazil, apart from soccer, is its famous shoes! Keep in mind that Brazil is the third country that manufactures shoes so they have a fairly expanded market. There is no doubt that for many, buying an expensive and comfortable shoe is not a luxury, it is an investment. Luckily Patricia’s shoes are within reach of your pocket.

You can contact PatricVargasgas at 407-921-8427

Follow her on facebook: pvalgashoes

Intragram: pvalgashoes

Women like them inspire us more in our community. If you have a different concept and want to share it with Immers3d Magazine, contact us today! We would like to hear from you.



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