Uncover how Walt Disney acquired the land for Disney World in Orlando.

Disney’s lies, clever maneuvers, and cunning schemes enabled him to acquire a massive piece of land on the cheap, turning Orlando into a global entertainment hotspot that attracts millions of visitors each year.

Disney World Land

Everyone knows that Walt Disney’s dream was to create the happiest place on earth, Disney World.

A visionary creation that didn’t exist before in the world.

A haven that offers children a magical experience and allows adults to temporarily forget their worries.

However, many people are unaware of how he obtained the land to construct his ultimate dream, Disney World. The story of how he acquired the land to construct Disney World is truly fascinating. Walt Disney had an unlimited imagination, and his vision for this enchanting kingdom was remarkable.

The strategy behind the purchase of 30,000 acres of land to build Disney World

The initial ideas for the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida

Disneyland California opened in the 1950s, and Walt Disney started looking for land for a new resort. He wanted to own more land than he currently had at Disneyland. In November 1963, Walt rented a plane and flew over an area in Orlando, Florida, that he thought could work for the new park. It was in a convenient location with well-connected roads. There was also McCoy Air Force Base in the area, and they were going to build a big new highway that would connect with the Florida Turnpike.

The idea was to buy big plots of land first, then smaller ones. During the early 1960s, Walt Disney created a few companies with misleading names. He sent his trusted staff to the courthouse incognito to investigate deeds, contracts, and mortgage records to keep his grand scheme secret. The firm’s agents were not allowed to reveal who was interested in the land, and they didn’t know that their client was actually Walt Disney.

Walt Disney hatched a plan to acquire the local farmers’ land for a fraction of its actual worth by outsmarting them.

He needed a lot of land to make his vision a reality. If Walt Disney showed interest in their land, the local farmers might increase the prices or decline to sell to him.

In the early 1960s, real estate agents offered landowners contracts for various plots of land. They were able to negotiate contracts for as little as $100 per acre because they believed the land had little to no value.

Some folks who owned land didn’t live nearby, and a few had never laid eyes on it because they inherited it. Lots of sellers wanted to sell because people didn’t think the area was worth much since it was mostly swampland.

Walt bought 8,380 acres of swamp land on May 3, 1965, for a little over $1 million from a Florida State Senator named Irlo Bronson. The cost was about $120 per acre, and the deal was made seven months ago.


He was a man of great cunning and resourcefulness. The man, who is a legend in the business world, acquired various parcels of land in the Orlando area through multiple entities. He cleverly disguised the transactions to make it seem like distinct individuals carried them out.

Disney accumulated vast expanses of land in Orlando, Florida, over time.

Some farmers didn’t know they were being swindled and exploited.

A farmer said, “We were constantly curious about who was buying our priceless land.”

They came with different names, but we thought they were separate companies. Discovering that they all belonged to the same entity was a revelation.

In 1965, Walt Disney revealed the park, and it became officially known. Overall, the company bought 27,400 acres of land from 51 landowners for over $5 million. The land cost $182 per acre after the deal was done.

The locals understandably and rightfully expressed their upset.

“I was a bit jolted when I heard about Disney World,” said a farmer. I felt like someone had swindled me. These corporate entities promised innovation and development but deceived us with false intentions.

Walt Disney's deceitful tactics to acquire the land for Disney World in Orlando

Putting aside any controversy, Disney World was a great success.

Today, people from all over the world seek out this place as one of their top destinations. However, we cannot overlook the fact that Disney used certain methods to obtain the land for the amusement park. The thing is this: Corporate influence and land ownership involve more than just dollars and cents. Power is the topic of discussion. Who possesses it, who does not, and how do they use it? Let me tell you, the issue is complicated, and there are no easy answers. Ask DeSantis directly.

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