The Muse of Discovery In 360 views

Muse of Discovery immers3d
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Part of Lake Eola’s “See Art” collection.

As we stroll around the park, just around the amphitheater there she was – The majestic Muse of Discovery.

Her 40 feet in length body lay down on her stomach with an open palm facing upward and staring down at it surrounded by patches of grass that have been scattered across our grounds.

You can’t help but think what does this represent? To me, it says how much energy went into making my world better for us all; whether something as small or large scale makes a difference
We need more people who are willing/able to put themselves out there so others may see their value too!.

The artist from Kentucky, Meg White, wants this beautiful woman to be a source of inspiration for all who cross her path.

She invites the viewer to:

Sit in the hand of the Muse and discover your hidden potential as she whispers to you”.

The sweet and uplifting voice of Meg White is a beacon for all to cross her path.

It’s like the artist invites the viewers “to sit in her hand as she beckons, discovering hidden potential.”

This interactive piece piques curiosity with its whimsy while reminding us that there’s more than meets the eye–a message we cannot ignore if only because it will make each person feel special when they’re surrounded by others like them!

The Muse of Discovery is a whimsical and interactive piece that piques the interest of all those who see it.

The “Muse of Discovery” invites you to climb up on her and sit, as if she is cradling or caressing you. It’s perhaps the most accessible and engaging work in the “See Art” collection around Lake Eola.

Try to hug her; you will see how she gives you her energy.
Muse of Discovery immers3d
Muse of Discovery immers3d

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