At last! The Bellhop is opening its doors on the first floor of the historic Angebilt Hotel.

Immers3d Magazine loves to tell you about the newest and most popular places in Orlando. We couldn’t miss the long-awaited opening of the new Bar Bellhop, of course. It would take a lot for us to miss seeing the design created by Kim Price, our dearest friend, and collaborator at Immers3d Magazine.

Let’s explore more!

Bellhop Bar in 360

Immerse yourself in a place with a delightful taste of the vintage era.

We were invited to the grand opening of The Bellhop. Kap Studio designer, worked hard to create such a great vibe inspiration.  The moment you walk in… it feels so glamorous, you’ll feel like a movie star.

What luxury of details this bar has!… everything is connected, synchronized, and placed with style and taste in its corresponding place.
As you will see, Kim Price’s style could not be lacking in this magnificent concept of The Bellhop Bar and Cafe. Along with the excellent interior design and decoration work, we find pieces of furniture full of personality and more.

Bellhop Bar in 360

Immers3d Magazine Interview with Kap Studios

  • Congratulations Kim, we love, what you’ve done to this place!… What inspired you to create such a beautiful concept?

Throughout my years of traveling, I have created a mental collection of gatherings memories that I manage to blend into a beautiful canvas, where I envision my collage of ideas.  As a result… The Bellhop

  • We love it!… What is so special about this place, that triggered your creative design?

“Back in the 90, the Hotel was a Courthouse. The Bellhop was a Subway. When I got married, we were young and decided to elope. After we got married in jeans and T-shirts, we had a sandwich here, at Subway in this very place. Hahaha. Who would have thought right?  I have been happily married now, 25 years. This story probably got me the opportunity to do this project”.

When I got married, we were young and decided to elope. After we got married in jeans and t-shirts, we had a sandwich here, at the Subway in this very place.

Indeed the Bellhop bar invokes a much classier vibe than the Subway that used to sit at the corner of Wall Street and Orange Avenue.

Let Immers3d Magazine show you these beautiful snapshots of the Bellhop in 360 views.

Photography by itourvista3D

The Bellhop Furniture & Wallpaper

Here, the furniture stands out for its uniqueness. Padded chairs with aged leather and sturdy wooden and iron tables. Pieces that highlight the essence of the purest vintage style.

Moreover, as you can see, vintage-inspired wallpaper is making a huge comeback.

The colorful and bold prints of the 1950s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s are by definition retro, but they can make a modern style statement as you can appreciate it throughout the Bellhop Bar.


Currently, Vintage decorating incorporates elements from the past to create a warm, nostalgic atmosphere.

Today’s retro style is more than just antiques and drapery fabric. Vintage style is now merged with more modern options for a new take on the past that is full of charm and history.

Check out the detail guys!… like the rugs on the ceiling!   Previously it was about antique carpets, now it’s time to shift attention to vintage rugs.

As Kim says;

Vintage carpets hanging are here to awe the values of the 20th-century modern lifestyle.

The Bellhop

Feather Vintage Lamps

Mamma mia, what left me most amazed about this spectacle of colors, was the feather lamps placed to the left of the bar.

I’m in love with them!

These is not your grandmother’s lampshades! These unusual feather lamp shades are a fun and extraordinary way to shade the light at the Bellhop Bar & Cafe.

And Kim agrees;

Indeed, beige ostrich feather lamp shades are a style statement, and they add romantic, feminine, and aethereal touch to a décor like this one. That’s why I chose them.

Aren’t they the sexiest lampshades you’ve ever seen?

And what about the lamps that go around the main bar with the green fringes? Have you ever seen anything like this?

Bellhop Bar in 360

You can also enjoy the 3D virtual tour  here:

At  the Grand Opening of The Bellhop:

The Bellhop
Gabriel Castellanos & Venessa Drai Immers3d Magazine

Mixology at  Bellhop

So Gabriel and I fell in love with the Gin Gin Mule. The mixologist, from Naples Fl, did a great job mixing an exquisite cocktail.

The smooth blend of the Gin with Ginger Beer and adding fresh mint was so refreshing, I think I had 4 of them’ Gin Gin Mules drinks.

The team behind the Designing of Bellhop.
The Bellhop
With Designer Kim Price (Kap Studios)
We wish you guys lots of success!
Kim, Congratulations! wonderful work!
At Bellhop, the drinks are amazing, prices are good, and the atmosphere is awesome.

Cheers from Bellhop!

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Map of The Bellhop


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