The story of the man that brought to us here in Central Florida the Gourmet meat shop Southern Steer Butcher.

Meet Steve Clapp, “the Meat Man” at Southern Steer Butcher.

I first met Steve at the Bay Hill Club tennis courts in 2015, during our Tuesday men’s tennis league. A really friendly man with an unique Texas accent. Steve is a very nice guy, and a decent tennis player (rushing for all the balls and hitting a wall at the net) He is also an excellent golfer, a sport he thoroughly enjoys, as well as a boating, making him an all-around Bay Hill resident.

A little background about Steve and his business partner, Kyle Muelstein.

Steve and his business partner, Kyle Muelstein, run a very successful copy machine company, North America Office Solutions. Steve and Kyle started NAOS back in 2001. Everything started at Steve’s home garage and grew the company to up to 105 employees. After 18 successful years, Steve and Kye decided to split up and sell the company in 2019. Steve thought that retirement time had arrived at that point, but like he says jokingly “If I retire now, my wife will get bored of me with all this free time.”

Southern Steer Butcher

Discovering Southern Steer Butcher Shop in Orlando.

After only a few years, however, Steve’s entrepreneur and adventurous spirit resurfaced, and on a family trip to Sarasota,  he noticed an establishment named Southern Steer Butcher. The Snyder family of Palm Harbor, Florida owns this gourmet butcher shop. He was smitten by the notion of this gourmet meat shop dedicated to giving the greatest guest service, healthy eating options, and community wellness. This notion piqued his interest so much that his entrepreneur-adventure spirit awakened, and he instantly asked the manager and owner whether they had additional shops or planned to build more, especially one in Orlando.

It happens that the owners had only two shop but were thinking of franchising. That’s when Steve came up with the proposal to be the first one to take a franchise,  and start a complete new adventure!

The perfect location, Ocoee.

As a result, in 2021, Steve began the process of establishing the first Southern Steer Butcher business outside of Sarasota. It had been a long procedure, as well as a long search for the ideal place. Steve ultimately discovered the spot in Ocoee he was seeking for after a few months of hunting, and that is where he finally opened on February 5th, 2022.

Since that day, Steve had been offering the best, healthy food options and freshest meat cuts to the neighbors of Ocoee, Windermere, Winter Garden, and Southwest Orlando.

Steve offers daily specials that include fresh, high-quality meats such as Wagyu, Black Angus, and Kobe (a grass-fed lamb). Also, you’ll find a variety of cuts such as rib eye, filet mignon, picanha, Argentine Churrasco, and farms that grow poultry and pork. There is also seafood like bacon-raped shrimp and scallops. The shop also offers marinated combos that include ready-to-grill kebabs and side dishes ready to cook. Southern Steer Butcher has a great wine variety with local and state craft beer and other great quality healthy beverages.

Southern Steer Butcher Community Projects: Giving to the Community

Another important thing is what Steve and Southern Steer Butcher do for community wellness.

Although they are part of many programs, one of them is Project 52.

Southern Steer Butcher Project 52.

This project provides at least 52 donations a year for families in need and community organizations like Edwood Children Ranch, Magic Scope, and Little Leagues in Dr. Phillips, Windermere, and Winter Garden, as well as churches like First Baptist Church of Orlando.


Something fun and innovative is their “monthly prep class.” This is an all-inclusive workshop that, besides the class, includes prepared meals and 10 menu items that could feed up to 40 people.

You can become a Southern Steer Butcher rewards member and take advantage of their great specials for members.

Southern Steer Butcher Review:

With so many options, it was hard to decide what to try… we wanted to try everything!  However, Steve offered a few good options.

We tried the Argentine beef tips, the parmesan garlic chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. It was the most amazing meal, definitely better than any steak I’ve had in any restaurant. The lemon and apple pies for dessert were the perfect end to the meal. Also, the customer service was great! Highly recommended!

Southern Steer Butcher

So do not wait any longer. Come to Southern Steer Butcher at West Colonial Dr and McGuire, meet Steve “The Meat Man” and let him cater and guide you to picking up your best cuts.

Oh! and don’t forget to become a Rewards Member to ask for the best specials!!

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