Reconnect with your inner caveman at the Ultimate Cave Barbershop in Metrowest, Orlando

This barbershop located in the Metrowest area of Orlando is very successful. Here you will be well attended by a professional and fun staff. Also, you can always make friends, and play a game of pool or Playstation while you wait your turn. The Ultimate Cave Barbershop, is everything a man could like to feel on his ground without losing a bit of his masculinity. We know that it is not for vanity, but to feel better about oneself. So, let Diego and his team make you handsome.

Immers3d Magazine 360 snapshot photo of the Ultimate Cave Barber Shop

Get Immersed!

6965 Piazza Grande Ave Suite 106, Orlando, FL 32835



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A fantastic place to immerse yourself.

These locations have become the new epicenters of the fashion boom, thanks to the allure of the classic combined with cutting-edge technology and spa services. More and more men are going to the “barber shop,” either for a modern cut or to touch up and polish their beards, and to sit in an armchair that pays homage to the style of furniture from the 1920s.

Presenting you a Matterport 3D Virtual Tour of The Ultimate Cave Barber Shop

Is this revived passion for beards and their care,  one of the most modern twists in the beauty industry?

To me, beards have always been related to virility, respect and power. Men’s beards are still popular, and the trend will only continue as more men realize that a full beard goes great with a sleek hairstyle.

From short thick beard styles to long full ones, there are plenty of different designs worth trying this year.
We know the trends of beard cuts for long  or short hair that are very fashionable today. 

The key to making bearded men’s haircuts work is the transition between the two.

Dollhouse View of the Ultimate Cave Barbershop
Dollhouse View of the Ultimate Cave Barbershop

A barbershop is ideal for those men who just want to get a haircut, but it is also the best place for those who want the barber to have a real arsenal for the treatment of their facial hair and hair, as well as advice on what to use as products at home

The Ultimate Cave Barbershop Schedule

Friday 10AM–8PM

Monday-Thursday 10AM–7PM

Saturday 10AM–5PM


What is the difference between a barber and a hairdresser?

Most people are not sure about the differences between barbers and hairdressers. The main difference is that barbers are licensed to shave with a razor, in addition to all other hair styling skills.

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