The French Cafe in Hamlin is a lovely French bakery and café providing pastries like croissants and macaroons as well as sweet and savory entrees in a lovely setting

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To ensure that you get the entire experience from the very first bite, all their products are produced with natural, fresh, locally sourced, and well-balanced ingredients.

For your breakfast, brunch, and lunch as well as to treat yourself, celebrate, or have a party, visit The French Cafe, a French Bakery, and Wine Boutique.

Located in two great locations: Windermere and Hamlin,

Additionally, they provide freshly baked pastries, coffees, sandwiches, salads, macarons, cakes, tarts, Belgian chocolates, and artisanal bread.

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16412 New Independence Pkwy #140, Winter Garden, FL 34787
(407) 500-4050

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Immers3d Magazine Review of The French Cafe

The French Cafe Review

One of the best breakfast places in town.

Captivated at First Sight

There she was, dressed in red and all flirtatious, tempting me from the window like a descarada.
I didn’t want to look at her so much, but I was surrounded by the same beauties around me that I couldn’t take it anymore. I fell into temptation!
It’s been a long time since I felt so weak. Nothing captivated me lately.

And so, I let her aroma and beauty take over me and my pathetic lack of will.
I didn’t care how much it was going to cost me, she had to be mine!
I waited my turn, I approached the clerk, and a scratchy sound came out of my mouth, my throat was dry… I coughed a little and with a very shy voice, I asked the clerk…
-Can you serve me a ‘Tarte aux fraises’ please?

And so to make the story short… it was delicious!

The French Cafe has one of the best recipes!

This cake consists of a layer cake of Genoese sponge cake bathed in cherry brandy syrup. Layered of mousseline cream (in which the pastry cream and buttercream are mixed in different proportions) and strawberries and Dark Chocolate.
Fresh strawberries are one of the most significant hallmarks of this cake, which provides freshness and an exquisite texture to it.

The French Cafe - Hamlin
Tuesday 7:00–15:00
Wednesday 7:00–15:00
Thursday 7:00–15:00
Friday 7:00–15:00
Saturday 7:00–15:00
Sunday 7:00–15:00
Monday 7:00–15:00

Come and Visit Us anytime! - The French Cafe Team

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