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Barber shops emphasize virility, emphasize masculinity, and demonstrate that it is possible to be attractive and enjoy it.

According to the conventional cliche, women are drawn to beauty salons with feminine colors, baroque style mirrors embellished with chandeliers, or pink velvet sofas, blah, blah…Well, The Ultimate Cave Barbershop is not a cliche, is the exact opposite of all of that nonsense; Here, it’s everything a guy really wants, this cave is a different story.

Ultimate Cave Barber shop

As we were on our way to The Fashion Lounge to do their article, we passed by The Ultimate Cave Barber shop.

Our feet stopped walking. We were stunned as soon as we saw the entrance. It felt like were two little girls, staring at a candy shop. This place looks incredible.

A fantastic place to immerse yourself.

These locations have become the new epicenters of the fashion boom, thanks to the allure of the classic combined with cutting-edge technology and spa services. More and more men are going to the “barber shop,” either for a modern cut or to touch up and polish their beards, and to sit in an armchair that pays homage to the style of furniture from the 1920s.


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Design and Style of the Ultimate Cave Barber shop.

This Barber shop is one of a kind!

Believe us when we say that this place is magnificently styled.

Fine timber and bricks walls abound, giving it a rustic feel, almost as if it were representing the great alpha males.

Kim Price, our design senior advisor, explains what a ManCave is all about to Immers3d Magazine:

I would say, ” A man cave is like a haven, a private world within four walls. The place where a man feel calm and alive!”

The Ultimate Cave Barber shop caters to men’s preferences.  Normally, with men decor, you’ll hear phrases like ” I prefer quality leather,” “hand-worked wood? yes, please!” ” I look at impeccable finishes,” “polished metals, yes please” and so on.  In other words,  these are terms and concepts reflective of car design!  But many elements in this barbershop appeal to men, such as the touch, colors, and textures.

The colors chosen at this place are great, because most men tend to feel comfortable surrounded by a palette of white, gray and black tones.  Another typical thing in most man-caves is that men tend to store more things than women. Having a few but prized items is the trick to achieving a comfortable setting and gaining attention.  It is not surprising to find this awesome wall with all these awesome displays. Men like to show their little trophies with pride.

Ultimate Cave Barber shop

It is important that the furniture in the Man’s Cave is comfortable. This generally means having a large sofa that doesn’t exactly have an impressive silhouette, but that is impressive to sit on.  This place has a great balance between functionality, appearance, and comfort.

The Ultimate Barber shop has some really cool Unique pieces like rare paintings, signed Soccer shirts, vintage signs are some that are exposed on his wall, I think these are good conversation starters.

“Ultimate” is the right word for  The Ultimate Cave Barber shop!

So, guys! what to do while you wait at the Ultimate Cave Barbershop?

Well, with no more and less than a couple of kick-ass televisions, (latest) Xbox, he comfiest leather sofas, and an elegant pool table. Also, in case you are thirsty, they offer you beers, soft drinks or water and on top of that ….on the house!

Come on Orlando peeps, this place has it all!

Who cares to wait while you play a game of pool? Or does it bother you that you have a beer watching a soccer game while you wait your turn?

The least you are going to complain about is say if there is any wait. These guys stay with a lot of clientele so sometimes you can wait a bit.

Ultimate Cave Barber shop

And who owns this Ultimate Cave Barber shop / empire?

Our dearest Diego and his incredible team of professional barbers!

Diego welcomes you with a smile and is super friendly. By just small talking with him, you realize that he knows what he wants and knows what he does. The success of barbershop is found in a great army of professional barbers who are masters in what they do. Starting with mentioning that they have the best and most sophisticated tools for haircuts that involve so many details like they do today.

Diego, tell us a little bit about  The Ultimate Cave Barber shop. How were you inspired with the idea? 

This place already existed, in fact I worked for the owner. The previous barbershop was not the same, it had some other similar concepts, yes, and all my colleagues were very good and professional. When the owner offered me the sale of the place, I didn’t even think twice. Sure, my father helped me a little, because the opportunity was too good to let it slip away. So I invested everything I had of money and renovated the place. It went from being The Cave Barbershop to “the Ultimate Cave Barbershop”

You did a great job Diego! Congratulations.

So how do people in Orlando find Ultimate Cave Barber shop?

Believe it or not, we have grown a great audience on Instagram and we have many followers in Orlando and Brasil. I would say that second to word of mouth, most people find us on social media.

Boutique barbers, barber shops, and Gentlemen’s Clubs have resurfaced. These barbershops, once thought to be extinct, are experiencing a new golden age.

Is this revived passion for beards and their care,  one of the most modern twists in the beauty industry?

To me, beards have always been related to virility, respect and power. Men’s beards are still popular, and the trend will only continue as more men realize that a full beard goes great with a sleek hairstyle.

From short thick beard styles to long full ones, there are plenty of different designs worth trying this year.
We know the trends of beard cuts for long  or short hair that are very fashionable today. 

The key to making bearded men’s haircuts work is the transition between the two.

What else do you think most of your clients enjoy when the come here? 

Well, besides the experience the barber shop offers, I would say, the wet towel!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of getting a shave at a barbershop is feeling the wet towel completely cover your face. This isn’t done just for the sake of being cool; it’s done for a very practical reason: pre-shaving wet prep improves comfort and shave quality.

Regardless of the practical benefits, the joy that comes with using a wet towel is indescribable.

Faced with such a range of options, we are sure that Orlando “bearded men” will find their place of belonging in The Ultimate Cave barber shop. Because if there is something that immediately conquers men, it is personalized treatment and these barbers know it.

So what they really offer at The Ultimate Cave Barber Shop is a haven where the simple act of cutting your hair and shaving can become an experience of relaxation and friendship.


Ultimate Cave Barber shop

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