Do you know what the metaverse is all about?

I am willing to bet that at some point, you took, or someone else used a snapshot of you where your face changes. Ok, or maybe you didn’t, but you know what I’m talking about… The face with a pig’s nose or cute little dog ears. Well, that’s part of the metaverse!

How about Roblox, Pokemon Go, or Fortnite? Heard of them?

These games provide a realistic metaverse-like setting with an immersive digital gaming and social arena.

Whenever we share a 3D virtual tour of a restaurant, hotel, or retail store at immers3d magazine, we are sharing an immersive experience. The metaverse allows us to bring our digital identities to life, offering an incredibly rich and diverse online experience.

We use the metaverse every day to stay connected with friends, purchase products, stay entertained, and even work from home. It is quickly becoming a vital part of our daily lives and changing the way we view the internet and our place in it.

It’s hard to explain, believe it or not, but if I had to explain the metaverse to a fifth grader, it would sound like this:

The metaverse is a new type of internet that is like a 3D world where people can do things they can’t do in real life.

It’s the simplest way possible to put it. At least my mother understands it that way.

However, fifth graders already know about the metaverse; they will likely be part of it daily.

The metaverse is a computer industry vision of the next version of the internet.

Metaverse Orlando

We can think of the metaverse as an immersive online world made up of various digital platforms and environments.

Imagine this: a 3D virtual space where humans can experience life in ways they could not in the physical world.

Eventually, it’s where users can connect, interact, create, explore, and develop ideas and relationships with others in the online space.

But the metaverse isn’t just about digital experiences—it’s about a whole digital economy as well.

Being an immersive magazine, naturally, these issues interest us. So, going back to Orlando being the metacenter, let me tell you the latest. According to an article on the Orlando News page, the future looks bright for Central Florida!

Disney Metaverse

Needless to say, Orlando is the center of simulation and modeling training, with annual contracts exceeding $6 billion. Orlando is home to innovative and technologically advanced companies. Thanks to companies like Disney, Universal, Lockheed Martin, Falcon’s Creative, Brand XR, AVT Simulation, and Red 6. Today, Orlando is the most exciting and technologically innovative place in the world.

Metaverse Orlando

Additionally, Orlando-based companies are promoting AI in sectors such as human resources, defense, the Internet of Things, and healthcare, including Checkr, SoarTech,,, MindSphere, and AdventHealth.

In other words, companies in Orlando are creating cool things like video games, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.

This is called the MetaCenter, and it’s already made a big difference in the world. People from all kinds of backgrounds live and work in Orlando, which has shown a universal impact since the initial MetaCenter designation.

As David Adelson, Director of Innovation for the Orlando Economic Partnership, put it:

“No other place in the world combines imagination, technology, and creativity as well as Orlando, which is why it has become the MetaCenter.”

This is great news. A tremendous growth opportunity of $8 trillion

Mayor Jerry L. Demings said that Orange County has become a really important place with lots of businesses, start-ups, and world-renowned organizations. They are all pushing the technology to produce the metaverse and help companies gain access to the tremendous growth opportunity of $8 trillion, according to Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.Metaverse Orlando

They are using new 3D technology to make a digital copy of the 800-square-mile area to help them with things like infrastructure, real estate, talent, and climate change.

This follows the launch of the “Unbelievably Real” brand by Visit Orlando. Representing our metropolis’s authentic and mythical aspects, from tourism to business.

Everything looks good. Even Futures Intelligence Group’s “godmother of the metaverse,” Cathy Hackl, weighed in on the potential.

In Orlando, there is the staff and supportive corporate atmosphere needed to build the metaverse, from simulation and modeling to game development, world-building, and even imagination.

Hackl, a globally recognized tech futurist and metaverse/Web3 advisor to major brands is making it a point for the city to be the world leader in tech hubs that foster the metaverse.

This dream is backed by Florida’s fame as a starting point for science and advancement.

Companies are embracing Orlando as the hotspot for skill and production, as Miami is on the rise as the crypto city of the future.

Plus, Orlando’s universities are building the workforce of the future.
As Mayor Buddy Dyer said,

With 550,000 college students within a 100-mile radius of Orlando, there’s no competition in the nation for young talent.”

BlueWave Resource Partners Founder and CEO and Orlando Tech Council Chairman Charlie Lewis stated:

The MetaCenter ID is a cornerstone for our community to connect, and the Orlando technology partnership continues to expand.”

The MetaCenter is set up to influence the metaverse’s short- and long-term development. Thanks to the participation of the main sectors that drive the advancement of Web3, which includes augmented reality and virtual reality,

For more information about we can help your business be part of the Metaverse, contact us! Let’s do it and let’s get Immers3d!


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