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Thousands of years ago, the Aztecs fermented the sweet liquid accumulated in the center of the maguey plant. Giving birth to what we now know as mezcal.

When you think about tequila, what comes to your mind? We know what you are thinking… Margaritas!

Nonetheless, Margaritas are a delightful drink…

But if you’re looking for a new drink to explore, mezcal is worth a try.

Who has not heard of the famous maguey worm at the bottom of the mezcal bottle? Mezcal is a spirit drink of ancient Mexican tradition.

After a great meal at Cocina Maya Mexican Grill & Mezcaleria, Gustavo taught us a few drink recipes.

And let me tell you,  there are many excellent cocktails based on mezcal, and we are unaware of many of them.

However, we are confident that once you go to Cocina Maya Mexican Grill & Mezcaleria you will find more than one that will become your new favorite drink. Especially a recipe from Smoked Old Fashion Recipe from Cocina Maya Mexican Grill & Mezcaleria.

Mixology with Mezcal: The origin of Mezcal

The story of Mezcal has a mysterious past. Stories of Aztec healers distilling the Maguey from the smoke of snakes are popular ( At least I heard that before). It is not so. Nevertheless,  after trying this cocktail, one thing is for sure: mezcal is delicious.

Mezcal drinks are a popular trend now. According to Mordor’s intelligence article: The rising trend of premiumization is expected to boost the demand for Mezcal. The demand for mezcal increased significantly over the past few years. Most likely,  is going to increase further over the forecast period.

So, we got a better explanation from our editors Gabriel and Gustavo:

The best way to describe Mezcal is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from the maguey plant. Many regions of Mexico produce Mezcal.  Probably, there are more than 140 mezcal producers certified by the Consejo Regulador del Mezcal. Nearly all mezcal comes from the agave Azul, Espadin, or Arroqueño variety.
The process of making mezcal has been around for centuries and it does not change to this day. After harvesting, the heart of the agave (piña) they roast it in an earthen pit oven called a Palenque for up to three days. After, being roasted, the piñas are then mashed and ground into juice, which is then fermented.

An impressive way to elaborate such a spirit.


Did you know, that according to the Illinois Institute in Chicago,  mezcal is the purest alcohol on the planet?
What does it mean? That the majority of alcoholic beverages are made of simple sugars.  The liver must  break molecular chains to process, convert, and remove it from the body. Thus, resulting in the well-known hangover.

Mezcal Old Fashion recipe from Cocina Maya Mexican Grill & Mezcaleria

On the other hand, Mezcal does not cause the famous “hangover” because no chemicals are in its preparation.

As a result, if you’re ready to branch out from the typical margarita, we’ve got you covered. Indeed, Immers3d Magazine has done the homework for you. And we’re not talking about boring drinks here! These recipes are bursting with flavor:

At last, since Mezcal doesn’t hurt our liver… let’s drink it!

Mixology with Mezcal

Smoked cocktails are becoming more popular in restaurants. They’re tasty, unique, and put up a wonderful show.

Mezcal Old Fashion recipe from Cocina Maya Mexican Grill & Mezcaleria

Cocina Maya Mexican Grill & Mezcaleria Smoked Mezcal Old Fashion Recipe:

  • Add 1 ounce Angel’s Envy Bourbon
  • Also add 1 ounce 100 Conejos mezcal
  • Then,  about a teaspoon of Homemade simple syrup fused with Jalapeño and Mint
  • 6 dashes of Angostura Bitters
  • 6 dashes Mole of  Bitter
  •  Strip of orange peel with pith, one inch wide 

Mixology with Mezcal: This combination of bourbon, mezcal, bitters, and orange essence is just the perfect blend of flavors.

That’s not all though! They finish this cocktail by infusing it with hickory smoke.

Mezcal Old Fashion recipe from Cocina Maya Mexican Grill & Mezcaleria

Check out the Immers3d Magazine video Mixology of Mezcal Old Fashion

Tip to do this Mezcal Old Fashion at home: 

To garnish with a flamed orange twist, delicately place a piece of orange peel, skin side down, about the size of a silver dollar, over the drink. Light a match and use it to warm the peel’s skin side. Squeeze the peel in the direction of the match while holding the match a few inches above the liquid. The oil from the peel will briefly ignite and settle on the surface of the drink.  Make sure to read the directions for your specific smoking gun before you start smoking your drinks at home!  Also, we recommend using fine wood chips made specifically for smoking guns as fuel. These wood chips are extremely thin and tiny pieces designed to fit into the small opening of a smoking gun. They light quickly and burn quickly.

We hope you like this recipe!!

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