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Venessa Drai

Hi Everyone! I am the Founder and Chief Editor of IMMERS3D MAGAZINE.

I was born in a lovely part of southern Spain, Malaga, known as La Costa del Sol.

In 1990, we moved to Miami, and then to Orlando in 1993, where I attended Dr. Phillips High School and where I met Kim Price. I graduated from Florida International University in N. Miami Beach with a B.An in journalism and political science in 2001.

Although my dream was to start my career as a  journalist, I ended up dedicating a good part of my life to the restaurant business. I owned three restaurants and I know now how hard it is to run this business.

When the idea for the magazine first came up, Kim and I loved the humanitarian aspect of it. We decided to combine our vocations and expertise to develop a one-of-a-kind, digital, enjoyable, and technologically advanced magazine for the twenty-first century. This is how became an incredible goal.

With the idea of offering 3D virtual tours, our viewers can get a 3D representation of any space and that is something they’d never imagined. However, it’s not only about space, but IMMERS3D MAGAZINE it’s also about their story.

I enjoy learning about new places, their food, and their stories the most.  To me, these restaurants are not just businesses; they are families. Families with dreams and with struggles just like most of us. This is why we support local businesses.

My mission to is to promote local companies with enthusiasm, love, and dedication.


Venessa Drai

Gabriel Castellanos

I am Co-founder and Marketing Director of IMMERS3D MAGAZINE.

I was born and raised in Mexico City. I graduated in Tourism and Hotel Business Administration at the Mexican School of Tourism and Hospitality. One of the most prestigious Universities in that industry at that time.

After graduation, I spent 4 years of my career working as a Coordinator of events and activities for High school and University Marching Bands across the USA.  With only a group of Tour Guides and escorts, I manage to coordinate the events of more than 120 marching bands.

In 1982 I received an invitation from Walt Disney World to be part of the opening of the San Ángel Inn restaurant in the Mexican Pavilion at EPCOT CENTER where I worked for several years.
That experience awakened in me a passion for a gastronomic career, but participating as Cultural Representative for Mexico was what I liked the most.
After this experience and while studying Hotel Management and Control and Real Estate at Valencia Community College, I continued in the gastronomic line working with the famous Italian restaurant Christinis and later as Bar Manager at Francesco’s Ristorante Italiano.
Then I made a career change by accepting the position with Vistana Resort as International Sales Executive in charge of off-site sales in South and Central America.
Currently, apart from my participation as Partner / Collaborator in, I continue to collaborate with Marriott and with Castell International, and Vacatión Homes BNB.
My mission in Immers3d Magazine is to continue to promote local businesses in our community and to help expand the word out to our Orlando visitors. Do you have a business you want to share in our magazine? we need to talk! call me!
Gabriel Castellanos

Kim Price

I am a licensed Interior Designer by NCIDQ in the State of Florida, with over 20 years of experience in many different areas of Interior Design.

During my early years in the industry, I designed and specified office furniture and space planning for commercial space.  Also working with designers to incorporate Knoll Studio products, which introduced me to high end designed furniture.

Along the way, my worked moved on to Interior and some Architectural drafting for residential and commercial designs, locally and for South American and Caribbean projects.  Moving on, I collaborated with a talented team of Branding packages, specifically for Interiors and Graphics for an American chain restaurant.

Finally, I ended up at Walt Disney Imagineering, where I started my experience with immersive Interiors work for the Disney Cruise Line in Germany.  Working with world-renowned Interior Design firms, helping coordinate and manage their designs and vastly the FF&E production and procurement management, for Public Spaces, Nightclubs, Restaurants, as well as the Staterooms and Suites, for the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy, and brought them to life.

After the DCL projects, moved on to Florida based designs with WDI.  I have led Interiors teams to design for Disney Hotels and Resorts, projects including Spas, Lobbies, the Wedding Chapel, Restaurants, Bars, and Resort rooms and Suites, and also DCL Dry Dock re-designs.  I have experience in Project Management for Interiors for WDW Resorts including DVC rehabs for rooms and resort Lobbies, FF&E Coordination, Production and Procurement management for other Interior projects in Disney property as well.

I am now the Owner and Principal Designer for KAP Studio, my own Interior and Furniture Design firm.  My vision as an Interior Designer, is to accomplish an interior spaces and furniture designs that makes guests feel things, create and impact visually and emotionally; that makes you crave to experience it, to touch and feel it, and at the same time, is produced in the highest quality possible, lives within the project goals of timelines and budgets, and meets and exceeds the needs of the client and their guests.

Immers3d Magazine is an unparalleled 3D virtual tour magazine that showcases Orlando’s local eateries. From comprehensive 3D tours and toptier concierge services to restaurant reservations and insightful articles, we offer the ultimate Orlando restaurant experience. Plus, our magazine has been recommended by the area’s leading VIP concierges. If you’re looking for an unparalleled local experience, why not join us?



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Our Mission

To help independent restaurants worldwide build their brands, celebrate their food cultures, and realize their business dreams. We are dedicated to helping small businesses serve their customers with excellence.

Our Values


As a small business, we’re sensitive to the resource constraints that independent restaurants face: time, money, marketing expertise. We pride ourselves on providing intuitive DIY tools that empower our customers to create exactly what they need, when they need it.


The hospitality industry is tough, but restaurant owners dream big and work tirelessly to make their vision a reality. We aim to create simple tools that can make a big impact, for each customer and for the industry as a whole.


We’re a small, nimble team that believes in rolling up our sleeves, helping each other out, and getting things done. Like the restaurants we serve, we put in the hard work to keep improving day after day.


Our long-time customers know that we are endlessly improving, streamlining, and expanding our collection of products and restaurant. Never satisfied with the status quo, our team thrives on collecting feedback and brainstorming amazing solutions to serve up next.

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