How to Promote a Restaurant That Has Just Started.

Do you want to make a grand opening for your restaurant but don’t know how?

If you need advice on how to plan your restaurant’s big opening, you came to the right place!

A grand opening of a restaurant is something that requires a good plan from the beginning.

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In this article, I will give you some very valuable tips on how to organize your restaurant’s grand opening and how to promote it for free.

In addition, I will tell you about:

  • The significance of a grand opening for your restaurant.
  • Tips to help you plan the best opening and make a good impression.
  • And some suggestions for maximizing the effectiveness of your strategy.
  • Don’t make an impromptu opening at the last minute; instead, plan, and everything will fall into place.
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Let’s get started!

For instance, when it comes to promoting a new restaurant, many owners and managers make the common mistake of putting off marketing until after it opens.

The common thought is to put promotion aside and take care of millions of things that need to be done to open the doors.

Therefore, there is not enough time to think now.

However, in the months and weeks leading up to the grand opening, there is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create the “buzz” needed for your new restaurant, I just ask that you stick with this phrase below.

The work doesn’t end at the inauguration guys!

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Here is a timeline of some common restaurant opening marketing strategies that will make it a success.


As you are getting closer to your restaurant opening day, there is a great opportunity by generating an audience and create a “new restaurant coming up” buzz for your business.

Here are some steps to start the process of opening your Restaurant in Central Florida :

To begin, register the domain name:

The absolute first step is to register your domain name. Don’t make the mistake of looking up the availability of a domain name and leaving it to register later, later you might find that your domain name is not available and demand hundreds or thousands of dollars to sell it to you.

Afterward, create a website:

Grand openings require a fair amount of marketing even if done simply. One way is to address the local audience with brochures, banners, ads in the local newspaper, or using free platforms on social media.

You can also create social media and a website for your restaurant – it’s a good idea to do this even before it is up and running.

In the weeks leading up to your grand opening, the website doesn’t need to say much more than the name of the restaurant and
“Coming soon”. You can also put on the menu a brief description of the type of food you will have.

Again … you are trying to provoke some curiosity.

It’s also a good idea to install an email registry on the site to begin the process of building a local customer email list.

This may be an opportune time to determine the strategy for your website after opening and make the decision on a marketing mix implementation.

Where to promote your restaurant for free!

Set up a Facebook page:

Start creating a Facebook business page for your restaurant and start building an audience. This is a good opportunity to interact with the local community and start finding your voice. Social media is a great way to get your digital marketing for free.

Obtain a Yelp listing:

Yelp wields enormous power in the restaurant industry, and having strong support from positive Yelp reviews is like having a goldmine – Yelp reviews can do unexpected things for your business.

As the owner of a restaurant or catering business, you should be proactive in preparing your Yelp account so that it works for you.
Including as many details or items as possible, for example:
Lots of photos.
Hours of operation and closure of the store
Price Range Menu Location
Wi-Fi / Parking / and so on.

Get a listing on TripAdvisor:

TripAdvisor is a must-have listing for any restaurant, especially if you live in a tourist area.

Reviews, previews, reviews!

Diners spend twice as much time on Tripadvisor restaurant listings that have at least twenty reviews, so make sure your restaurant has a healthy number of reviews.

Also, TripAdvisor is a popular website that people love to use when they are visiting friends or when they are on vacation and looking for a nice place to eat.

Get your local listing with Immers3d Magazine:

If an image is worth one thousand words, imagine a 3D tour!

Immers3d Magazine will create a full-page listing with all of your company’s important information for free!

First, the Magazine will send a professional photographer to your business and they will upload on Google: 50 high-resolution photos and embed a Matterport 3D virtual tour!

This means that when people search for a business on the internet, you’ll come up first!

Find out more about these benefits! Check out The way 3D Virtual Tour Help Marketing a Restaurant.

You don’t have a website yet?

Immers3d Magazine will also create a virtual profile better than your website. Featuring a great story about your company and they will share it across all of their social media!

This is an ideal choice, you get to promote your place with professional help for free!

Opening Day:

On opening day, set up your local presence on Google My Business. The main benefit of this Google feature is a prominent box on the right side of the search page. There are some key opportunities here
for visibility.

Google My Business offers a visual layout, with buttons for directions, your website, and comments, among other things. Make sure to take the time to fill out all the information so that you can take full advantage of the free visibility that Google offers.

Every day, millions of people use Google to look for businesses like yours. With the Google My Business app, you can make your Business Profile stand out and convert those searchers into customers.

What are some of the Google My Business Benefits:

• First, you can respond to comments, exchange messages with clients, and see who your followers are.
• Also, make changes to the Business Profile and see them live on Google.

• In addition, you can upload photos, 3D tours and make appealing offers, and share the characteristics that distinguish your business.

• Check out how and how often your customers interact with the Business Profile.

• Also, receive real-time notifications when a customer connects with your company on Google.

You just focus on what you enjoy the most and trust Google My Business to help you get more customers.

First 90 days after opening your Restaurant in Florida

In the first 90 days after opening, focus on increasing local visibility and increasing the “stickiness” of your business.

There are many digital strategies to implement, such as improving Facebook efforts and running ads alongside your growing page.
Other methods could be to make your facade more visible with inflatable or feather signs.

Always make sure you are working to raise awareness with your local audience.

Remember to add your social networks to your letter or menu

Let your customers know that they can follow you on your social networks, indicating in your menu your social profiles.

Make daily posts showing photos or gifs of your dishes!

There’s no denying that we eat with our eyes – figuratively speaking, of course.

As a result, posting photos or gifs of your best dishes on social media in the moments leading up to lunchtime will not only help you generate engagement with your followers but will also stimulate their appetite and encourage them to visit your restaurant to try the meal.

For your photographs or gifs to attract attention, make sure they are in the foreground, in good light, and that there is a contrast of colors between the food and the dishes.

Now you have some ideas for attracting and retaining more customers, as well as publicizing your wonderful kitchen. We hope you found these restaurant marketing strategies helpful and that you will put them into practice as soon as possible. Do you think you can do it?

Thank you itourvista3D and Kap Studio for collaborating on this Blog.


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