The Halloween House in 3D- the first virtual tour of a truly scary place!

Finally, the most terrifying haunted house has just been released in 3D.

Indeed, this is not your average haunted house, there are no actors. On the contrary, this is a real ghost story with footage of true paranormal activity happening live.
This year’s Halloween House features possessed clowns that have taken over the old abandoned house, terrorizing visitors who dare to enter its doors.

The team behind this interactive horror experience captured evidence of their encounters with these spirits and used it to create an immersive environment for people to explore themselves.

This Halloween House feels like you’re living through a horror movie.

The tension in the air is palpable. Goosebumps are all over your skin as you try to contain a rush of excitement for what’s about to come next- an amazing story with spine chilling details that will leave readers wanting more!

The spooky tales keep going on and on, leaving these people thinking “What if?” Might dark mysteries like ghosts or demons really exist somewhere out there? Maybe even trapping innocent souls who don’t know any better yet suffer their torments anyway?

Explore and see why this Halloween house was a true inspiration for the tale we are about to share with our readers.  So make sure not miss out this tale of the Halloween House in 3D!.


-Twas the night before Halloween and we were walking down that street to see the neighborhood decorations.
Night was already falling and the sky was painting orange and pink colors on the horizon, the twilight announced its arrival.

Suddenly there was the house…

The bloody Halloween house.

As you walk up to the house, it feels like something is wrong.

The whole area is silent and dark.

I can feel a chill down my spine as I hear some voices coming from inside the house. They sound sad and scary.

Who is there?

Moreover, as you get closer, you are now face-to-face with what looks like a haunted house that has been untouched for years!

Meeting Fatima, the Fortuneteller.

The fortuneteller welcomed us as we approached the house. She offered a reading for the future and I thought about it before agreeing to do so. Bad idea! In reality, this woman had bad news for me that night. 

“The arcanum of “death” has been sentenced to you. This arcane announces a brutal death. Your soul will be possessed and you will never get it back. You will die repentant.”

What the hell? Really? My life will be in danger from now on? 

Hahaha, what I joke!

Clearly, the fortuneteller was not trustworthy, but next to her, I noticed a catacomb. And just like that, as if she was reading my mind, she proceeded to say:

“The catacomb is a place where those who did not pass the life or death test are sequestered.”  

“It has many skulls as their mark of shame to remind them there would be no escape from this cursed house.” She said.

Was I doomed to a horrible future?… Nah!

Possessed clowns own the Halloween House in 3D.

Nevertheless, we proceeded to continue but after two steps, my heart almost fell out of my mouth.
Icy spikes of fear run up my spine as we walk down.

I could feel them, one after another – the clowns with their ghastly laughter and how they were hunting us down to take our souls for themselves!

This truly was a bad idea…

Halloween house in 3D and the damn pirate clowns attack.

Just as quickly they emerged from hiding behind that jack-box, we had to keep going or else be inducted into this grisly crew forever more!

You could also see on its little pedestal stand over there,  two pirate fellas with an ominous air about them.

They were dressed in real scary clown suits wearing masks and carrying short sword knives looking ready for battle at any moment. It seemed too dangerous not to even think twice before walking forward…

“Happy” the Clown.

There we saw that little cosmos of cursed clowns having fun in their own cursed circus. 

A tall clown called “Happy” kept screaming in his diabolic voice, “You are all my little clown children now!, Let’s play some hide and seek. You’ll go hide and I come to kill you hahaha!”

We saw in horror as Happy opened his mouth and revealed his yellow pointy teeth.

The Freaky Circus Show

A group of bloodthirsty clown alley stalking the clown children riding the carousel.

Then I remember when the first creepy clowns appeared in this small town, children were scared but adults couldn’t help but laugh.

However, as more and more clowns popped up, terror began to spread.

These bloodthirsty clowns stalked the children riding on the carousel at night with no one to protect them from harm.

The prank was starting to get to far and it was time for these clowns to be put down before they hurt anyone else.

Now, it was too late, the children were already possessed.

Little clowns (like little children) did not have eyes on their faces.

There, in their soulless childish smiles you could see their mouths full of fangs.

Clearly, you could hear their wicked laughs while they were having fun on the carousel.

“One, two, three, four, see your blood on the floor, five, six, seven, eight, oh you won’t be able to escape!”

Worst part? Not only you could hear that stupid melody ring your ears, but also they feed on your fear terrifying you with their voice!

Certainly, it was pure malice from beings who want nothing more than to feed on our misery.

I wanted to call out “Mama!” On the other hand, run away as fast as possible so no one can find me ever again…

The clowns are coming.

We all knew they would be back someday, and that day was here.

Indeed, everyone in that town was doomed from day one since those damned circus clown freaks first arrived.

In fact, it had been too long since the last time we’d seen them; but our luck wouldn’t hold out forever.

They are already inside the house.

Consequently, they can see us from every window with their big, red noses pressing up against glass. Truly, looking like a bunch of hungry bloodhounds on a hunt for prey.

There is no way to escape now and there is nothing to do to stop them.

If you are still reading this, I am sorry.

There is no hope for anyone who lives in that house. Most likely, the clowns will trap everyone.

We all thought it was a harmless prank at first, but they are coming for us now and there is nowhere to hide…



This year’s Halloween Horror House 3D Tour is one for the books, and I know it will be a night that we won’t soon forget.

Have you seen the new Bloody Halloween House in 3D?

The footage is terrifying and it will make your skin crawl.

If you’re brave enough to take a peek inside, check out  our team’s 3D creation. You will discover ghostly images of clowns running amok at the old abandoned home.

We hope you enjoy exploring through these haunting halls as much as we did while making them come alive…

See you guys back at the haunted house in 2022!

Special thanks to Aubry and Hector Herrera for making such a wonderful and scary house. You guys were a true inspiration!

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