Where have you seen a menu that is served in 24K gold in Orlando? Gozamba is a culinary paradise where food becomes a jewel.

We all know that luxury and taste have always gone together, and Orlando restaurant Gozamba has elevated that notion. Their Latin American food is an art form, with dishes like the Tomahawk 24K Gold cooked to perfection with local ingredients. Gozamba’s Latin American cuisine will delight locals and tourists alike.
Immers3d Magazine had the pleasure to meet Bella and Michael, who own and run this great restaurant. Let’s go explore together Gozamba’s magnificent plate jewels.


Gozamba’s cuisine is a treasure.

This Orlando restaurant elevates dining with a unique and elegant atmosphere. From the moment you enter, the magical ambience of live Latin music and superb food will captivate you. Celebrate your birthday, have a romantic supper in their VIP room, or hang out at happy hour or Sunday brunch with friends. Gozamba’s Orlando-renowned chef creates mofongo and other Latin American dishes that will wow you.

gozamba red room VIP

Gozamba’s highly skilled chefs have expertly blended delicacies with elegance, creating an unforgettable dining experience.

Traditional Latin American ingredients and modern cooking techniques are used to create each dish.

Moreover, Gozamba’s fusion food offers powerful flavors, unusual pairings, and superb presentation. Food isn’t the only entertainment. Celebrate Sunday brunch with friends or enjoy live music and unique activities.

Gozamba Latin American cuisine delivers luxury.

While touring around the immaculate kitchen, we asked the chef, How does Gozamba add luxury to Latin American food?

The elegant touch of Gozamba’s Latin American meals goes beyond the flavors.

Each meal is well made and presented, delighting the eyes and taste buds. Quality ingredients and meticulous preparation enrich the dining experience.

gozamba immers3d magazine

For Bella, the owner, not only is the food important, but so is the experience. Like she says,

Gozamba’s entertainment matches its great food, offering a unique dining experience. I am happy that Gozamba is becoming a lot of people’s first choice to share a special ocassion and our bustling Sunday brunch.

Gozamba’s 24K Signature Dishes

Handcrafted to showcase Latin American flavors and textures, each meal is a piece of art. The restaurant’s magical ambience and dynamic energy will captivate you from the moment you enter. Sit down and explore the menu, which will entice you with delicious cuisine.

As you can see, the talented cooks at Gozamba have developed a beautiful and delectable cuisine. Let’s explore some of the most popular items.

Lobster Gold Fried Rice


You’ll be transported to gastronomic perfection from the first bite. Traditional Peruvian cantonese fusion, called “Chifa”. Fried rice, soy sauce, red peppers, green onion with lobster, shrimp, mussels, calamari, and sesame black seeds with Gozamba sweet sauce on top

Tomahawk 24K

Tomahawk 24K
Tomahawk 24K

The best cut of “Tomahawk” meat, covered in gold Imagine eating a tender, juicy Tomahawk 24K cooked to your liking and provided with a selection of local seasonings to enhance the flavors.

Fish Gozamba 24K

Freshly fried snapper covered in gold foil and house sauce Like their taled chef told our magazine:

In Gozamba, every plate is carefully prepared and presented, exhibiting creativity and attention to detail.

This restaurant offers great Latin American cuisine, a luxury setting, and top-notch entertainment to enhance your dining experience.

Ok, In case you are thinking: – lot’s of gold and lot’s of luxury, must be expensive!

Relax my friend, Gozamba’s costs are not even pricier than those of other Orlando restaurants, but the dining experience is unrivaled. You’re paying for the cuisine, ambiance, entertainment, and excellent service.


Gozamba makes Sunday Brunch an experience for all the senses.

Living entertainment will enhance your eating experience while you enjoy each meal. Gozamba ensures a memorable meal, whether you’re celebrating a special event or a Sunday brunch. And talking about Sunday brunches in Orlando…

Oh! Let’s welcome the Mimosas, please!

A Gozamba Sunday brunch is unique. Sunday is all about live music, enthusiastic entertainers, and a lively atmosphere that makes eating memorable and fun.

Gozamba’s status as Orlando’s premier premium dining destination is well-deserved, since residents and tourists love their Sunday brunch.


Why visit Gozamba?

Its all-encompassing experience will make you want to return because it delivers more than simply great meals. The lovely atmosphere, live Latin music, and tempting perfume of their superb meals will captivate you from the moment you enter.

Is a Gozamba dinner reservation required?

To guarantee a table, Gozamba recommends reservations; however, walk-ins are welcome if space allows. Reservations are recommended for their renowned Sunday brunch and special events, which fill up quickly.

Gozamba Orlando Immers3d Magazine

Final Thoughts on Gozamba’s Delicious Latin American Food

Gozamba’s Latin American food will amaze you. From the time you enter the restaurant, food becomes a diamond. Latin American cuisine and a luxury atmosphere make for a unique dining experience. Every meal is a work of beauty due to its meticulous preparation, high-quality ingredients, and presentation. The Gozamba experience goes beyond the food. Live Latin music and unique events provide excitement. Gozamba promises an unforgettable experience, whether you’re celebrating a special event or enjoying their Sunday brunch. Visit Gozamba for outstanding Latin American cuisine, where food becomes a treasure.

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