Four types of restaurant owners that won’t buy a 3D Tour

I think not every joint out there wants to up their game with some top-notch, immersive technology. And honestly, that’s totally fine. You see, 3D virtual tour services aren’t for everyone. As a professional in the 3D tour industry, I’ve had my fair share of interesting encounters with different types of restaurant owners. Once I heard the chef screaming in the kitchen, “We don’t need any damn virtual tours! Just let the people come in and try the damn food!” And while I can appreciate that kind of grit, it’s not the mentality that’s going to take your restaurant to the top. From the ambitious go-getters to the laidback traditionalists, there’s no denying that every restaurant owner brings something unique to the table. However, when it comes to offering 3D tours, there are certain types of restaurant owners’ mentalities that simply don’t cut it.

So, without further ado, here are four types of people our 3D virtual tour services are not for:

First, we’ve got the Luddites—those who believe technology is the devil incarnate and would rather rely on the outdated, tried-and-true methods of the past. You know the type—the ones who think a rotary phone is all they’ll ever need and that Google is just a fad that will pass.
The technophobic owner doesn’t know how to turn on a computer, let alone operate the latest digital technology.
They prefer things the old-fashioned way and don’t see the value in adopting new ways of doing things. A 3D tour might seem overwhelming or daunting to them, and they might feel intimidated by the idea of having to navigate new software or hardware. Well, owners who refuse to adapt to the times and embrace technology are also not ideal clients. As a provider of virtual tours, I cannot work with those who are not open to new technology that can enhance their business.

I do not offer 3D virtual tour services to ballers

Next up, we have the lowballers—the ones who want everything for nothing.

The miserly owner believes that anything they do to promote their business needs to come at the lowest possible cost. They’ll bargain-hunt for everything, and if they can’t find a deal, they won’t pursue it. They may balk at the price of a 3D tour, even if it means missing out on potential new customers who would have been impressed by the feature. They think they can just snap a few pictures with their iPhone and call it a day. Sorry, folks, if you’re the kind of owner who’s always cutting corners and trying to save a few pennies here and there, then my services are definitely not for you.
Our 3D virtual tours are for those who want to innovate, push the envelope, and see what kind of creative ideas they can come up with. Quality, high-resolution virtual tours take time, skill, and effort, and I refuse to compromise on that.

I also omit offering 3D tours to “The Stickler” owner.

Then there are the sticklers—the ones who can’t bear the thought of anything deviating from their meticulously crafted brand image. You know who I’m talking about.
The ones who think their restaurant is so exclusive that no one else is worthy of setting foot inside
3D virtual tour services
“We only want customers who appreciate our food, and they’ll appreciate it better if they come and see it for themselves.”
I get it—you’ve worked hard to create your aesthetic, and you don’t want some upstart virtual tour to ruin it. Please, if you’re the type that thinks throwing some cheap decorations up and calling it “atmosphere” is all it takes to impress customers, my services are definitely not for you.
But here’s the thing – a well-executed virtual tour can enhance your brand and bring in more customers than you ever thought possible. If you’re a restaurant owner who just doesn’t get it and can’t see the potential in using the latest technology to enhance their customers’ experience, then I can’t help you. Our 3D virtual tours are for those who are willing to try new things and who understand that in this industry, complacency equals failure.

“The old-fashioned” type of owner is also on my list of owners who do not buy a 3D virtual tour service.

Last but not least, we have the old-fashioned types— those who think that face-to-face interactions are the only way to build relationships. The minimalist owner can’t imagine anyone making a decision about a restaurant without first setting foot inside.
This owner thinks that because their restaurant is simple and low-key, they don’t need to invest in anything beyond basic marketing.

They don’t want to spend money on extras like a 3D tour when they can put that money towards other expenses, like ingredients or equipment. They may not see the value in investing in their brand image or the impact a 3D tour can have on potential customers.

If you’re a restaurant owner who’s satisfied with mediocrity, then you might as well stop reading now. My 3D virtual tours are for those who want to set themselves apart from the competition.

3D virtual tour services

Our 3D virtual tours are for those who understand the value of quality and are willing to invest in their establishment in order to reap the rewards of customer loyalty and positive reviews.

In the wise words of the late, great Anthony Bourdain, “Without new ideas, success can become stale.”

Don’t let your success go stale; embrace the power of virtual technology and let your restaurant stand out from the crowd.

You may think that your restaurant only caters to a certain type of clientele, but the reality is that there are four types of customers that every restaurant must consider: tech-savvy millennials, time-starved professionals, tourists, and people with disabilities.
Firstly, tech-savvy millennials are the largest consumer group in the United States, and they expect modern, innovative ways of experiencing everything, including dining out. With my virtual tours, you can engage them in ways that your competitors may not.

Secondly, time-starved professionals often eat out because they have no time to prepare food at home.

If your establishment has virtual tours, you will make it easier for them to quickly choose where to dine, especially if they are not familiar with your area.

Thirdly, tourists frequently base their dining decisions on reviews and pictures online. Virtual tours allow them to truly see what you have to offer and make an informed decision on whether to dine with you.

Finally, people with disabilities should not be excluded from experiencing your restaurant simply because they are not physically able to do so.

By offering virtual tours, you can provide them with an idea of what your establishment has to offer, making your restaurant more accessible and inclusive.
In conclusion, my text may come off as blunt, but I wanted to be honest about the customers my services are not meant for. So there you have it. If you fall into any of these categories, then our 3D services are not for you. However, I believe in the power of a 3D virtual tour and the value it can bring to your restaurant. If you ever have a change of heart, I’d be happy to chat more about how my services could benefit your business.
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