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If you're looking for some great food recommendations, or just want to see what Orlando restaurants are up to, Immers3D Magazine has got you covered.
We've have written up detailed reviews of our favorites – from fine dining establishments to hole-in-the-wall joints.
Whether you're a local or just in town for vacation, we highly recommend checking out these spots!

V Pizza Review (Lake Buena Vista)

V Pizza & Tap Room en Lake Buena Vista
Authentic Naples-style pizza at V Pizza  in Lake Buena Vista Do you think that a pizzeria can no longer surprise you? That’s because you don’t know V Pizza yet. If we can find a slice of Neapolitan cuisine in Orlando, it’s in part thanks to this terrific new pizzeria. Here…

The Fashion Lounge. Great Brazilian Apparel

We adore the concept behind The Fashion Lounge boutique. Consider coming into a store and finding three boutiques in one. On the one side, you’ll find Leila Alves Casual Style, then there’s Oz Jewelry with unique accessories, and finally, there is Patricia Valga with her Stylish shoes. The goal of…

Orlando Vacation Home Investing: Challenges and Tips

Blog, interviews, Orlando
Orlando vacation homes
Vacation Home Investing Made Easier with 3D Virtual Tours: Expert Tips for Orlando Investors Do you hear the cash registers ringing? The Orlando real estate market is booming, with vacation home demand rising. Investors, beware—it’s a competitive game out there, and you’ll need to be clever if you want to…

The Ultimate Cave Barbershop Orlando.

Barbershop, Beauty, Blog, interviews
The Ultimate Cave Barber Shop with Immers3d Magazine Barber shops emphasize virility, emphasize masculinity, and demonstrate that it is possible to be attractive and enjoy it. According to the conventional cliche, women are drawn to beauty salons with feminine colors, baroque style mirrors embellished with chandeliers, or pink velvet sofas,…

The Fat One’s food truck famous Hot Dogs.

Blog, Food Review, Orlando
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Immers3d Magazine takes a bite out of The Fat One’s Food truck Hot Dogs. Are they any good? Immers3d Magazine reviews The Fat One’s food truck famous Hot Dogs. When we were at the Jazz concert waiting to start, suddenly people began walking around with pizza and hot dogs that…

Pirate Dinner Adventure Show Orlando 3D Virtual Tour!

attractions, Blog, Food Review, Orlando
A night at the Pirate Dinner Adventure beats any Dinner attraction Show in Orlando. Immerse Yourself in The Pirate Dinner Adventure show. What’s better than a dinner and a show? Add pirates, humor, and immersive storytelling to that equation and you’ve got the ultimate pirate experience. Through our virtual tour,…

Bonsai Sushi Dr. Phillips

Bonsai Sushi Immers3d Immers3d Interview with Giselle and Chun at Bonsai Sushi. We discovered a hidden gem for Sushi lovers in Dr. Phillips.  If you are looking for sushi that has the perfect taste and texture that can only be found in Japan. This location is almost exact! The sushi…

We hope you enjoyed our recommendations and look forward to hearing your feedback. What did you think of these Orlando restaurants? Were they too expensive or just right for the occasion? Let us know in the comments below!
Whether they were good or bad, what you liked or didn’t like. You never know when someone else will read your review and want that same experience too!”


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