Enjoy all these fun views of Flagler Beach in 360.

Many people have no idea of Florida’s natural environment. With nearly 1,770 km of beaches, the beaches in Florida will leave you speechless. Today we step onto the pink sands at Flagler Beach.

As you step onto the white sandy beach, the first thing that catches your eye is the deep blue waters of the Atlantic stretching out as far as the eye can see. With waves lapping at your toes and seagulls cawing overhead, you know that you’ve reached the charming seaside town of Flagler Beach.
The palm trees that line the beach sway gently in the warm sea breeze, casting dappled shadows on the shore. It’s as if nature is inviting you to come and explore this beautiful little paradise.

 The panoramic view offers an unparalleled glimpse into the raw, untouched beauty of the natural landscape.

The sea is a kaleidoscope of colors—azure blue in some places, deep navy in others—with flecks of sunlight playing off its rippling surface. If you’re lucky, you might even catch sight of dolphins swimming and playing in the surf.
Beyond the beach, Flagler Beach is a vibrant, bustling little town, with quaint restaurants and cafes serving up local cuisine and friendly locals always ready with a smile. The colorful beachfront buildings, like little gems in a necklace, will entice you with their cheerful hues, while the endless blue skies will uplift your spirit and make you feel as if you’ve stepped into a postcard.
A 360-degree view of Flagler Beach is truly breathtaking, with its long stretches of sand, endless skies, and gently rolling surf. Come and experience this hidden gem for yourself and fall in love with Florida’s charming seaside town.

Is there a beach in Orlando? No, and yes! and I’ll explain; Orlando is situated in the middle of Florida’s state. Because of this, it is not a coastal city. However, the beaches of East and West Florida are nevertheless very close by. Some can be reached by car in under (one) hour.

Flagler Beach is located between Ormond Beach (one of our favorites) and St. Augustine (another favorite) on Florida’s East coast. This beach offers miles of sparkling beaches, abundant fishing, beachside shopping, waterfront dining, nature parks, and other wonders.

Flagler Beach is a seaside town with a retro vibe. Friendly locals and open-air restaurants set the tone for a laid-back evening.

Enjoy the eclectic shops, surfing, a classic fishing pier, and a six-plus-mile stretch of spectacular ocean views with free beach access at Flagler Beach.

Most of the facades in each bar are decorated with motorcycles and Harley’s. You can view the ocean from the rooftop cafes while listening to local musicians play and it’s great.

It’s summertime time in Florida.

Flagler Beach is also a beach with a very similar vibe to Daytona in the middle of its famous “biker week.”
The truth in this town, most of the people were mostly adults in their fifties.

There weren’t many youth prowling the streets of Flagler Beach on A1A. We kinda dig that… because it’s nice to enjoy less crown and less noise.

So, we walked around to see what we could find right on A1A.  Honestly, this is not like south Florida. All the businesses were found in 2 minutes. The whole strip must be at least 4 blocks long. Very small beach, but charming nonetheless.

Flagler Beach in 360 photos

The Flager Beach Municipal Harbor and the Santa Maria del Mar Catholic Church are notable locations.

The natural beauty of the area can be seen at Bulow Creek State Park and Ormond Beach.

Visit San Jose Fishing Harbor and Briggs Drive Fishing Harbor as well.

You can go kayaking and snorkeling in the area, or enjoy the outdoors by hiking or biking on trails and taking ecological tours.

The pier is also home to a popular Flagler Beach restaurant called the Funky Pelican.

Flagler Beach 360 photos

Funky Pelican is right on the Flagler Beach pier.

The endless ocean views and relaxed atmosphere make this restaurant a popular choice for both visitors and locals.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available at the Funky Pelican. Guests can dine either inside the restaurant or on the patio. The majority of the menu options are seafood and traditional Southern comfort dishes, but the Funky Pelican also offers a variety of soups, salads, sandwiches, and burgers.

The boardwalk on both sides of the Flagler Beach Pier is a lovely place for a stroll.

Because of the pier’s popularity among locals and tourists, there is a small admission fee, and the rates vary depending on whether you are there for a walk or for fishing.

It provides a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean, the beach below, and the Flagler Beach Pier. The boardwalk also has benches for sitting and taking in the scenery – a sunrise would be lovely if you ask me!

Pink Beaches

We were drawn to the pink color of the sands. Little tiny reddish shells mixed with the sand add a picturesque and enjoyable pink tone to the beach. You’ll be tickled pink (couldn’t help it, I had to)
The sea was not as blue as it had been on other days. Of course, the tide was high, and the waves came and went with great force.
Perhaps this is why the water was blurry. Hopefully, no sargassum was discovered along the shores. Sargassum is common along the Atlantic coast, but it is more common in the peninsula’s south.

Was Flagler Beach crowded?

Not at all. The beach vibe was very quiet and laid back. We were there in July, and the water was a bit choppy with very little sandbars showing. For a Sunday day… this beach was just perfect.


The boardwalk also has benches for sitting and taking in the scenery

Those who visit Flagler Beach enjoy the beaches, cafes, and parks.

If you’re looking for fun things to do while you’re in the area, check out Flagler Beachfront Winery or Ocean Palm Golf Course. Also worth a visits are Flagler Beach and Flagler Beach Municipal Pier. Whether you want to stay downtown or somewhere quieter, you’ll be able to find the perfect accommodations in Flagler Beach.

Miles of golden pink sand, clear blue sky, endless expanses of ocean, pelicans diving for fish, and, palm trees swaying in the breeze.That is Flagler Beach

Also, you gotta love that there are no condos on the beach.

And when you had enough of the sun, shake off the sand from your flip-flops and head to Tortugas for one of their famous cool cocktails which offers you tropical Florida paradise at its best.

Real Estate in Flagler Beach

In case you are wondering, -Hey, Flagler Beach seems nice, maybe I should move there… I already researched for you. Check this out. It will be short and sweet to see if you’ll like the idea.

Real Estate around the Intracoastal is million dollar listings.

Homes here are very high in demand but it can be a big turn-off with the property taxes.

Average Effective Property Tax Rate

Ouch! yet, when I searched on Google, this is what I found. (I’ll copy-paste exactly what came out on the search:

Zillow has 128 homes for sale in Flagler Beach

Realtor.com: View 160 homes for sale in Flagler Beach, FL at a median listing home price of $475000. See pricing and listing details of Flagler Beach real estate for sale.

Trulia.com: 118 Homes For Sale in Flagler Beach, FL. Browse photos

Homes.com: 94 Homes For Sale in Flagler Beach, FL; Private House With Fireplace. 27 Sugar Mill Lane S · $749,900 · 4 Beds • 3 Baths • 2,566 Sq. Ft.

Is it worthwhile to go to Flagler Beach?

It’s a beautiful paradise full of adventure and wonders at every turn, with the sun, sand, beach, and food. Palm Coast and Flagler Beaches are hidden gems in Florida, offering everything from strolling through historic parks and horseback riding on the beach to waterfront dining and fine art.

However, we don’t want to say, the beaches here were breathtaking… Don’t mean to brag, but we are beach experts, and we’ve seen ESPECTACULAR beaches before, but hey, “to beach, beach own” right?


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