Immers3d Magazine Interviews Chef Executive, Alberto Salgado.

–        Hi Alberto, tell us about how it all started in Little Italy.

–        We are going on 10 years now since we started and it all began with pizzas.

–        Tell us a secret about your cuisine. What is the something or the most important ingredient that can’t be missing in your kitchen?

–        That’s simple, Basil and Garlic.

       And the secret tip for such delicious food?

I suppose it is cooking with lots of LOVE.    

–        Is there any particular dish you like cooking the most in Little Italy?

–        I guess all of them; the secret is to cook everything with care and love. 

Savoring Little Italy’s Menu 

Spaguetti Carbonara

Carbonara pasta, a classic of Italian cuisine, it’s a must to be included on the menu. Alberto achieves a flavor balance that would make any Roman feel at ease. The version prepared in Little Italy combines the original recipe (without cream) with the more Italian-American palate, which includes cream. The pancetta was crispy, and the spaghetti was perfectly al dente. Without a doubt this dish was one of our favorites.

 Fetuccine a la Pescatore

The following is a work of art for those who enjoy seafood. A festival of scallops, clams, mussels, and salmon floats in a fresh tomato sauce, inviting you to dive into this exquisite presentation. The flavor of the pescatore among the variety of seafood combined with the rich flavor of white wine, garlic, and olive oil will only tempts you to sin without ceasing to bathe those pieces of bread in such a luscious sauce. Don’t deny yourself the pleasures of this divine indulgence.


Ribeye al Amalfi

Angelo’s favorite dish, as an attribute to his homeland he likes to call it Ribeye Amalfi. This dish is not on the menu but it is one of the specials that can be made at the customer’s request.

There it was 14 ounces of Angus beef provoking us with those sexy marks caused by some good hot coals.  Next to that magnificent meat lay 6 grill prawns  in company of fresh vegetables, sautéed with garlic and olive oil This combination of mare and land is indisputably stunning.

Capri Salad

Slices of mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato, and fresh basil are arranged on a bed of lettuce and crowned with reduced balsamic vinegar and olive oil. The most savory salad you’ve ever had.


Pizza Lover Special

The key to making a good pizza is in the dough. Alberto is more than skilled of doing so. Alberto has invested the last 20 years mastering Don Francesco D’amico’s recipe for the perfect pizza. The pizza we tried was delightful; Pizza Lovers has fresh vegetables and pepperoni, which is a great combination, and I guarantee you’ll want to eat the dough until the end.. Ordering Any pizza here is a good option.


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