El Inka Grill, Peruvian cuisine with the soul and flavors of Peru.

Do you feel like delicious Peruvian food? Let  El Inka Grill Ceviche in Hunters Creek delight your tastebuds. In their restaurant, they offer you succulent and varied dishes like Ceviche that, thanks to our Florida climate, will even taste better! Come visit them on warm days and enjoy their terrace. Escape the heat easily in their comfortable air-conditioned space.

El Inka Grill Hunter's Creek 360 view

We found El Inka Grill in Hunters Creek. A very good option to enjoy the subtle Peruvian gastronomy in this area,   Authentic Peruvian food, abundant and fresh, served with care and promptly by authentic professionals. Its tables on the sidewalk invite you to relax and watch the endless parade of characters that populate this picturesque corner of Hunters Creek. A true island of care and value for money. Highly recommended.

El Inka Grill Hunter's Creek 360 view

Inka Grill Ceviche opened its doors in 2011 when Ivan Modenesi decided to move to Orlando from New York.

 I always wanted to open a Peruvian restaurant and my instinct told me that Hunters Creek would be a good start.

Indeed, today after 11 years Ivan was not wrong, and what began as a dream became a reality and with great success.

We want every bite you take to bring you instant happiness. May you feel the passion and care that we put into our food. For this, we use nothing but the noblest and fresh ingredients.

The ambiance of the restaurant

El Inka Grill offers an ambiance of perfect light, and a clear layout and they play good music. Moreover, their setting is one of a wonderfully dilapidated luxe with Incan influences, paired with sleek and contemporary wood finishes. The space brings together an array of white murals, textures and finishes, and a string of antique Peruvian art pieces that collectively create a sophisticated take on Latin America.

El Inka Grill Hunter's Creek 360 view

El Inka Grill Mission, Visions, and Values.

My goal is to place Peruvian food in the first places of preference of the Orlando public. We want customers to enjoy Peruvian cuisine as if they were in Peru.”

From the best traditional Peruvian cuisine to the chef’s fusions; exquisiteness and quality are guaranteed and the best way to discover Peruvian food.

The Orlando community has always been very supportive of our project. If it wasn’t for their demand to open another El Inka Grill I wouldn’t have opened the place on Dr. Phillips.


The creator and owner of this wonderful place is Ivan Modenesi. He was born in New York to Peruvian parents; committed to flavors and textures with which to spread authentic Peruvian cuisine and surprise the most demanding palates.

We create different flavors based on inspiration, the fresh ingredients available, and always keeping the client’s palate in mind.

This restaurant arises from his passion for Peru and its gastronomy.

Peruvian cuisine is greatly impacted by the country’s diverse ethnic groups. The merging of different civilizations, together with Peru’s extremely large number of climate changes (due to its many geological differences), combined with its unique, indigenous agriculture, gives Peruvian food its edge and places it among the top cuisines in the world.

An immersive experience to share

Our menu will surprise you with a variety of dishes such as Ceviches, Tiraditos, Chaufa, Paellas, and other specialties to share and thus try different flavors.

The menu includes Peruvian classics such as the Causa, a duo of whipped potatoes topped with seafood or vegetables. Also Lomo Saltado, a traditional Peruvian-style stir-fry of beef tenderloin sautéed with onions, and tomatoes, topped with a fried egg, papas fritas, and rice. Ivan goes beyond the classics to produce bright, fresh, and healthful recipes that are gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

As for drinks, Peruvian beer and wine are served. They also offer traditional Peruvian beverages such as Chicha Morada made of purple corn, spices, and fruit. Those who love the flavor of Inca Kola, also have it.

House specialty combined with delicious wild white fish, prawns, squid, soft octopus, scallops, powerful yellow chili tiger milk, and sweet potato.

chaufa mixta El inka grill

As for the chaufa, is a no-brainer must-try in my opinion. It is incredibly flavorful and delicious!

I’ll say if you got overwhelmed with their colorful menu, try chaufa on your first visit. It won’t let you down! I promise!

Also, the chicken and the green sauce are their specialties, you do not want to miss them! The owner and the staff are super nice and friendly too! If you are near or passing by Hunters Creek stop by El Inka Grill and fill your stomach with satisfaction.

See El Inka Grill restaurant in 3D and immerse yourself!

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