Dezerland Park Orlando Auto Collection

For fans of motorsports, here is a good alternative to rest from the classic Orlando parks. Dezerland Park Orlando, (formerly known as the Festival Bay and Artegon Marketplace). This shopping mall and amusement park located on International Drive in Orlando has it all!

When it’s raining or humid outside, it’s nice to be under one air-conditioned roof. Dezerland Park Orlando offers a wide range of activities as well as a fantastic car museum.

The location is breathtaking, and there are numerous activities available.

Karting, bowling, arcades, trampoline parks, ax throwing, car museums, food, and other activities are available.
The massive car museum contains vehicles that we have never seen before! They also have a fantastic collection of James Bond memorabilia. You can also play a glow-in-the-dark indoor mini-golf, which looks like a lot of fun! The go-karts, bowling, trampoline park, arcade, and pinball room, as well as a Cinemark, were things we didn’t have time to do this time

All cars are displayed in themed rooms ranging from the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s to cars from specific countries such as Israel, France, the United Kingdom, Cuba, and others. All the rooms also have a lot of attention to detail, from lighting effects to playing period-specific music, cool artwork, and/or memorabilia surrounding the cars. Such as, specific themes like the Gatsby Lounge, the Chrysler Lounge, and the Duesenberg Lounge; From a massive hall of military vehicles to a room dedicated to Harley-Davidsons and even American-themed automobiles; To a movie and television-related automobiles room; to the incredible themed Bat Cave with cars from the Batman TV show and movies.

Also, the amazing Bond Museum The Bond portion of his collection alone is worth the cost of admission if you’re a Bond fan.

We spent about 4 hours in total, and it was a nice, relaxing experience. We also had drinks at the “Shaken, Not Stirred” bar with super friendly staff.

Immers3d Magazine highly recommend it! We can’t wait to return and bring other members of our family to experience this amazing museum and other offerings!

Real estate tycoon and businessman Michael Dezer has numerous offices across the country. Thanks to his intelligence and ambition, which have helped him rise to the top of his field. When given the chance to buy an abandoned shopping center in Orlando, Florida, Mr. Dezer jumped at the chance and launched what is now known as Dezerland Action Park.

How much does Dezerland Park Orlando cost?

Entrance is free!

However, if you like to visit the Auto Museum hrer are the follwing prices

Adult $24.95
Senior/Military $18.95
Child (4-12 yrs) $16.95
Child (under 4 years) Free

There’s something for every age group and interest, and there’s always something new to see at Dezerland Park Orlando. They say the scope and variety of activities offer thrills for everyone – regardless of age, interests, or, skill level.

Dezerland Park Orlando also has event spaces dedicated to parties, corporate events, sporting events, trade shows, festivals, car shows, auctions, and other activities.

This place is huge! Dezerland Park Orlando has 800,000 square feet of fun and thrills.

You can spend all day just seeing their $200 million auto museum collection. They have  Florida’s longest indoor karting track, and a 30,000-square-foot trampoline park. Offering as well, 12 bowling lanes, the Pinball Palace, and a Cinemark movie theater.

Feeling upset? go for the axe throwing.

Going on a date? go play glow-in-the-dark mini-golf, bumper cars, shopping, dining, event spaces, and more.

The better question might be: What don’t they have?

Dezerland Park has two electric go-kart tracks, a 200-plus game arcade, the Orlando Auto Museum with owner Michael Dezer’s massive classic car collection.

There are many cars that are rare but Dezerland is home to some of the most famous cars ever. Some are so famous that they are quite literally priceless.

You will find a limousine verified by Guinness World Records as being the longest vehicle in the world. It measures 100 ft and 1.5 in. The 26 wheeled-limousine offers a helipad, putting green, a jacuzzi hot tub, and seating accommodations for 75. An amazing collection to say the least and definitely worth the visit.

The NEW JAMES BOND EXHIBIT’s “Shaken Not Stirred”! It is NOW OPEN and AMAZING.

The Bond Lounge, is just one of 17 epic attractions featured at Dezerland Park Orlando.

When you purchase an Auto Museum Pass, you can also see the World’s Largest Collection of James Bond Movie Cars, Aircraft, and Memorabilia for FREE.

One of the best attractions is the Bond exhibit.

This comprises original Bond cars from every film, including a 1964 Aston Martin DB5, a Russian tank, and a complete jet from Goldfinger!

Owner Michael Dezer, the real estate developer and founder of Dezer Properties, has more than 2,000 vehicles at the museum.

He says includes the world’s largest collection of James Bond movie vehicles, planes, and memorabilia; the world’s largest Vespa collection; one of the world’s largest micro car and bike collections; a Hollywood Cars of the Stars section; a Bat Cave; and vehicles from dozens of countries and every era.

“If you give them petrol and a battery, the bulk of the vehicles in the collection are perfectly operable,” according to the tour guide “Mr. Dezer, doesn’t simply collect cars; he collects car museums and complete vehicle collections!”

Vehicles in the museum, as well as those in the park’s themed event areas and dealership (yes, dealership), can be photographed and even purchased. The collection covers almost every genre, price point, and interest.

 Auto Experience Museum Exhibits at Dezerland Park Orlando

  •  Bat Cave
  •  Bond Museum
  •  Welcome to the ’20s
  •  Cuba Libre & Main Street
  •  Duesenberg Lounge
  •  Military Pavilion 35 General Store
  • Thunderbird Lounge
  •  Cars of Israel
  •  Cars of France
  •  Americana
  • Cars of Europe
  •  Palace
  •  Vespa Lounge
  •  Super Cars
  • The  Academy
  • American Classics

  • Harley Lounge
  •  Gatsby Lounge
  •  Motorized Bike Lounge
  •  Micro Cars Lounge
  •  Chrysler Lounge
  • Cars of the Stars

Volkswagen of every shape, size, and Era!

Dezerland Park Orlando

Dezerland Park Orlando

The arcade is another staple attraction at the new facility. More than 200 games are varying from redemption and video games to rhythm games and kiddie rides.

Like just about everything at Dezerland, it touts itself as one of the largest in the state.

There is also, of course, go-kart racing, a large arcade, axe throwing, bowling, trading cards, pool tables, etc., plus a nice little restaurant or cafe to eat at if you wish. That kind of stuff is going to cost money, so be prepared, but there were tons of people out there who had a blast and enjoyed everything the park has to offer.

On the other side of the park, Pinball Palace features – you guessed it – Florida’s largest pinball machine collection and arcade. This attraction features historical information about the games, high score monitoring, and “the greatest of pinball’s history and present.”

The park also boasts, in perfect “something for everyone” form, the Orlando Auto Museum, which has one of the world’s greatest personal collections of cinematic, celebrity, and historical vehicles.

Dezerland Park Orlando

Cars of the Stars Collection

Dezerland Park Orlando Immers3d Magazine


Dezerland Park Orlando Immers3d Magazine
Dezerland Park Orlando Immers3d Magazine

Dezerland Park Orlando Immers3d Magazine

Dezerland Park Orlando Immers3d Magazine

Dezerland Park Orlando Immers3d Magazine

Dezerland Park Orlando Immers3d Magazine

Dezerland Park Orlando Immers3d Magazine

Dezerland Park Orlando Immers3d Magazine

Dezerland Park Orlando Immers3d Magazine

Dezerland Park Orlando Immers3d Magazine

Dezerland Park Orlando Immers3d Magazine

Dezerland Park Orlando Immers3d Magazine

Dezerland Park Orlando Immers3d Magazine

Dezerland Park Orlando Immers3d Magazine

Dezerland Park Orlando Immers3d Magazine

Dezerland Park Orlando Immers3d Magazine

Dezerland Park Orlando Immers3d Magazine

Dezerland Park Orlando, 5250 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, USA

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