Immersive Magazine explores Mexico City.

We absolutely love the vibrant and bustling Mexico City here at Immers3d magazine! It’s just so captivating and exciting.

Every single brick, every vibrant color, and each charming alleyway there has its own captivating story to tell. It never fails to amaze us with its numerous hidden event venues, just like secret treasures waiting to be uncovered.


Oh, there are so many things we can talk about! How about their incredible heritage? Mexico City is affectionately referred to as ‘the city of palaces’. A world brimming with incredible architectural wonders from throughout history.

Majestic cathedrals and magnificent colonial structures make it a true paradise for architecture enthusiasts like you!

Walking around this Mexican city’s Bellas Artes and El Zocalo will enthrall you—at least for a little while—until someone approaches you and asks for help, money, something to sell, or requests money. It’s part of the package.

This is not Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum. Not even close to San Miguel de Allende either. Mexico City is a bustling metropolis with millions of people, and poverty is common. And the worst part is that even here, you can’t resist their incredible Mexican warmth! You know, Mexico City is always full of life with its vibrant streets and bustling corners, but it never fails to greet you with a warm smile. So, we end up buying Tacos, ecological toothbrushes, mascara, and whatever “cachivache” they can sell us on the street.

There’s always such a wonderful atmosphere of joyful enthusiasm when they want to sell you something. You have to give them credit for their “elevator pitch” because it sells, amigos! However, you must remain vigilant against scams and cultivate a firm mindset. After all, encountering these challenges is an inevitable part of the experience.

Now it makes sense when they say, “Mexico es para Chingones.”

At Immers3d Magazine, we find the combination of these three gems, along with the vibrant chaos of Mexico City! It’s an inviting picture that we simply can’t resist.

And guess what? We’re so excited to have the amazing opportunity to create a 3D virtual tour of these places for businesses like yours!

Join us as we dive into the exciting virtual world and discover all the amazing spots in this vibrant city through our 3D tours.

Let’s embark on this together!

When you first see Terraza Boutique 99, you’ll be amazed by its modern elegance and timeless vintage architecture.

The owners of Terraza Boutique 99 invited us to thoroughly document the event venue they offer, capturing the charm and personality of their space.  The team at Immers3d Magazine navigated the boutique’s expansive property and captured it in 3D.
Now, you can enjoy immersive photographs, video, and details to depict the experience of physically being at the location.
Terraza Boutique 99
Terraza Boutique 99 Floorplan View
Starting from the stunning foyer, where guests are welcomed into the event space, the walls and plush furnishings all convey a warm and inviting atmosphere. As the virtual tour is shared, potential clients are able to glimpse the open courtyard, which is adorned with lush tropical greenery and tasteful decor.

Check out the expansive area that Terrazas’s Boutique offers.

Moreover, the main venue space is absolutely fantastic! It has a lovely open floor plan and plenty of beautiful natural light. It’s perfect for both cozy celebrations and big corporate events. We love how the classic black-and-white tiles and charming arches beautifully showcase the venue.

When you enter the 3D tour, you’ll love the open-air atmosphere. The area is filled with lush plants that beautifully complement the venue’s vibrant surroundings, creating a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

Whether you’re basking in the warm afternoon sunlight or enjoying the cozy glow of fairy lights in the evening,.  This terrace-style venue creates a welcoming atmosphere that is simply irresistible. A vivid representation of the picturesque backdrop that can host intimate weddings, celebrations, and corporate events.

Terraza Boutique 99 360

Being situated in one of the busiest areas of Mexico City is a big plus!

You’ll find plenty of great places to eat, grab a coffee, stay, and shop nearby.  It’s definitely a great spot to be!

Having easy access to these amenities will make your guests’ experience more convenient and add a touch of city glamour to any event.
In addition to the main event space, the venue also has a charming, well-designed space that is ideal for breakout sessions, intimate gatherings, or family events. The space at Terraza Boutique 99 is lovingly decorated with its own unique charm and personality.

In addition, this digital coverage also helps us reduce our environmental footprint by minimizing travel.

In today’s world, it can be tough to travel and visit places in person. But with our immersive coverage, you can explore Terraza Boutique without even leaving your home.

Now, you can easily understand the aesthetics, vibe, and practical considerations and make well-informed decisions.

Terraza Boutique en la Ciudad de México.
Venessa Drai and Gabriel Castellanos
The venue’s success is a great example of how immersive digital storytelling can really make a difference.

We believe that using a multi-sensory and immersive storytelling approach is really important in our work. 3D tours not only gave clients the opportunity to experience Terraza Boutique digitally, but they also showed its various aspects, unique features, and strengths that make it an amazing event venue.

Terraza Boutique 99 happily reported a big boost in inquiries and bookings after our feature!

We recently had the delightful opportunity to step into the charming Spanish restaurant, Las Tinajas, nestled in the heart of Mexico City.

Our mission? To capture a stunning 3D virtual tour of this beautiful space. Under the proud eye of the welcoming owner, Emilio, we artfully captured every corner of this 3D restaurant in Mexico City  Now, we invite you to experience Las Tinajas and all its allure virtually, from wherever you are!

Through our 3D virtual tour, potential customers can experience your business space with a lifelike sensation that gives them an immersive and personalized view of your premises, as if they were physically present.

3D Virtual Tour Mexico City Restaurante Las Tinajas


In an immersive experience, businesses create a simulated or physical environment to envelop consumers completely in the fabricated world, which helps increase customer interaction and engagement. The objective is to provide an experience that is so compelling and captivating that consumers feel they are a part of it and forget the real world.
This 3D virtual concept can be applied across various industries in Mexico City, like retail, hospitality, real estate, events, tourism, and so on.

The design of the immersive experience could be through storytelling, interactive exhibits, virtual reality, augmented reality, or even themed environments.
It’s a great marketing strategy to attract consumers, as it engages them on an emotional level and makes the business, product, or service more memorable. For instance, instead of simply showing consumers a product, they get to experience the product. They can interact, explore, and feel the product, leading to better engagement and potentially higher sales.
Immersive experiences are increasingly being recognized as an effective tool for advertising and brand building, leading to its increasing adoption in the corporate world.
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